The New Newsletter Editor: Frequently asked Questions about Features and Design


The beta phase of our new newsletter editor is completed. Meanwhile, the new editor will gradually replace the existing drag and drop editor.

The beta phase of our new newsletter editor is completed. Meanwhile, the new editor will gradually replace the existing drag & drop editor (you can find more information here). In order to prepare our existing customers for the upcoming changes, we went through the email creation process in a live online seminar. We highlighted various functions of the editor.

In case you missed the seminar, here you can watch it again:

Our customers asked questions in the live chat and already communicated their concerns in a survey about the newsletter editor. In today’s article, we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions once again for you to read:

Is there still the option to use the classic drag & drop editor?

Yes! For all those with an older account who already used the drag & and drop editor, it is still available as a fallback solution. You can access it via “create email”. 

Can I test the new editor without obligations?

Yes! For example, simply try the copy of an existing mailing to see how you get on with the new editor. With a test mailing to an internal distribution list, you can check whether the template is still displayed correctly in the recipient’s mailbox.

In case you have no CleverReach account already, now is the perfect time to login and try the editor without obligations.

Will the new editor change the prices?

No, the prices remain unchanged. Here you can find an overview of all CleverReach tariffs.

How do I use existing templates in the new editor?

If you want to use one of your saved templates to create a new email, you can decide whether you want to use it in the new editor. As the template should be applicable as usual, you don’t need to actively convert it. 

You want to upload your own template to CleverReach? You can also simply open this template in the new editor. If the template has not yet been used in CleverReach, you can adapt it as required using the template documentation. Read more about uploading your own newsletter templates here. 

How do I convert my automation emails for the new editor?

First, filter your emails for automations. You can recognize automation emails that have already been created in the new editor by the small star next to the block icon. All other automation mailings that still need to be converted are marked with a small checkbox. Click on it and then go to the button “convert”. 

How can I centre one or more words in a line within a text?

Is there an option to create a table of contents with the new editor?

When you set anchors, they can be selected as links. This allows you to create your own summary. You can find instructions on how to do this in our help center

Where can I see image sizes? Or where can I set them?

Since our email templates are responsive and therefore image sizes are adapted to the end device of your recipients, the image size does not play a role in newsletter processing. In the worst case, you could even hinder the correct display on the end devices by specifying the image size, as a certain image sized is “forced”. 

Can I make separate settings for image sizes for mobile devices?

Not all mobile devices are the same, an IPhone 5 has a different screen size than an IPhone 10, a Samsung tablet or a Huawei mobile phone. Depending on which device your recipients use, the dimensions of the screens can vary greatly. That’s why our email templates are responsive, so that your newsletter is displayed optimally on all possible devices and screen sizes. So you no longer have to worry about separate settings for different devices. 

How can I individually change the spacing at the top, bottom, right and left?

The brush icon of the respective standard element, allows you to adjust the display settings. Line height and spacing can be set here under the item “text”. 

Why can’t I integrate videos in newsletters?

At the moment, this is not technically possible. Almost all forms of interactive media (such as forms or Javascript) are not displayed by most email clients. This means that despite embedding a video, there is no guarantee that it will be displayed in the newsletter when it is received. 

It is therefore advisable to link videos and other attachments in the newsletter instead and refer recipients to the desired medium. 

If you would still like to have more movement in your newsletter, you can alternatively insert GIF files in your mailing! You can incorporate these into your mailing like pictures.

I use CleverReach’s agency solution. When will the new editor be available for my clients?

You can manually activate the new editor for individual sub-accounts in the customer administration. If you have large a number of sub-accounts, please contact our support so that our team can switch the accounts to the new editor.

How do I stay up to date about news at CleverReach?

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