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THEA? Yes, very easy Email marketing automation made by CleverReach
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Marketing Automation with THEA: Create fully automated plain and complex mailing campaigns for various occasions on our intuitive and virtual drawing board. Birthday wishes, summer sales campaigns – we prepared some of the most common mailing occasions for you. THEA helps you boost your sales while you look after the more important and fun tasks of your working day.

Trigger campaigns
Send your customers the latest product news, coupons and much more, triggered by their shopping behavior.

Autoresponder & follow-ups
The easiest form of automation. Autoresponder emails are sent after certain customer actions, for example after a newsletter subscription or a purchase from your online shop. You can also send a series of automated emails at recurring or set points in time.

Revive inactive customers or surprise subscribers with reminder mailings on specific dates or events. There are countless occasions when to send reminder mailings: birthdays, anniversaries, Black Friday, Halloween, Christmas.

What is email automation?

With email marketing automation, you'll achieve your marketing goals so easily that you'll ask yourself, "Why didn't I do this before?". Email automation takes a lot of the work out of your hands: once set up, your customers will receive messages directly into their email inboxes without any further manual effort - completely automatically. This principle is best known as the autoresponder of email programs.

And what is email marketing automation?

With email marketing automation, newsletters or emails are also sent automatically according to set rules - but beyond that, there is a goal that is to be achieved with the help of email marketing automation - for example, more conversions or better customer retention.

With a professional email marketing tool like CleverReach, email marketing automation is set up very quickly. These are the basic elements of it:

  • When or what triggers the automation? This can be a specific date or an action - a so-called trigger - such as a purchase or a registration.
  • To which recipients is the newsletter sent? To an individual, to a group, or to the entire distribution list?
  • Which newsletter will be sent? The corresponding email must of course be prepared so that the automation can run.
  • Either it is finished now - or it goes on and on:
    • Waiting periods can be set up, after which follow-ups are sent.
    • Who has opened / clicked, and who has not? Depending on the reaction, different follow-up emails can be sent.

Tip: By using placeholders for personalization, every newsletter becomes personal! And this turns a simple email automation into an email marketing automation: your recipients will not only receive personalized content, but also content tailored to their reactions and preferences.

For whom is email marketing automation suitable?

Automated emails make sense for any industry. Because it doesn't matter whether you

  • Have buyers, customers, members, patients or readers,
  • offer products, services, information or content,
  • want to push purchases, sales or customer loyalty -

thanks to automated emails, you stay in touch on a regular basis! Every industry, every store has recurring, fixed occasions that you can automate as easy as pie:

  • Doctor's offices: checkups or vaccinations
  • Online stores: Black Friday automation, Halloween, Christmas, New Year's Eve requests,
  • Car dealerships and workshops: Inspections, general inspections, winter tire changes
  • General: Anniversary, holidays, Mother's Day, beginning of spring, reminders before or after certain events or occasions, e.g. 10 days before Christmas, before the start of the season, before a birthday
  • Käufer, Kunden, Mitglieder, Patienten oder Leser haben,
  • Produkte, Dienstleistungen, Informationen oder Content anbieten,
  • Käufe, Umsätze oder die Kundenbindung pushen wollen –

dank automatisierter E-Mails bleiben Sie regelmäßig in Kontakt!

Jede Branche, jeder Shop hat wiederkehrende, fixe Anlässe, die Sie kinderleicht automatisieren können:

  • Arztpraxen: Vorsorgeuntersuchungen oder Impfungen
  • Online-Shops: Black Friday Automation, Halloween, Weihnachten, Silvesterwünsche,
  • Autohäuser und Werkstätten: Inspektionen, Hauptuntersuchungen, Winterreifenwechsel
  • Allgemein: Jubiläum, Feiertage, Muttertag, Frühlingsanfang, Erinnerungsmails vor oder nach bestimmten Ereignissen oder Anlässen, z.B. 10 Tage vor Weihnachten, vor Saisonbeginn, vor dem Geburtstag

How does email marketing automation work?

The principle by which email marketing automations work is quite simple: you do a little bit more once, and nothing more from there - except sit back and enjoy your success! What's that little bit more? It's really just a little bit: Create the automation once - and then be sure that your customers will automatically receive the appropriate emails without any further intervention. Of course, with CleverReach you can also create multiple automations and actively use them side by side. The prerequisite for this is a paid account.

Create simple routes, such as

  • Autoresponders after contact or registration
  • Follow-ups after sales or services
  • Regular info or promotional newsletters on specific dates, such as every Monday.
  • Automated birthday mailings

Or plan multi-stage campaigns in advance: There are many possible uses for an extended workflow:

  • Sophisticated email funnels for more conversions.
  • If/then options with different follow-up emails depending on recipient behavior
  • Email sequences consisting of multi-part series
  • Lifecycle email marketing campaigns for each stage of the customer journey

With CleverReach, anyone can do email marketing - and anyone can do email marketing automation!

Get started now with CleverReach!

Specialized in target group-oriented marketing campaigns, our email marketing software effectively supports you in the successful implementation of email marketing campaigns. Manage up to 250 recipients and send up to 1,000 emails per month free of charge!

The THEA Principle: Create Automated Mailings with the CleverReach Email Automation Tool

Design fully automated mailings or use prepared scenarios and get started!

1. THEA: Our Email Marketing Automation Tool

Email Marketing Automation THEA CleverReach

THEA - The Easy Automation: The name says it all. Our tool for creating email marketing automations combines seemingly opposites: Easy to use, professional in effect. THEA works according to the building block principle: On an intuitive, virtual drawing board, you create your email campaigns as easy as child's play - from simple routes to complex and multi-level chains.

Creating an automation chain with CleverReach is intuitive; no programming knowledge is required. Simply combine the appropriate modules you need for your automation: Events, Actions and Flow Control. You can use the modules multiple times in one automation. Using the CleverReach automation tool is as simple as it is flexible:

  • Make it short: Send birthday emails to your customers automatically once a year.
  • Or would you rather do it in multiple steps? Create a long-chain email sequence to reactivate inactive customers.
  • Or branched? Build branches into your automation chain, with different follow-up emails depending on the reaction, such as opening or not opening an email, redeeming a coupon or A-B testing.

Increase your success with THEA and earn money while you sleep!

We have already prepared common automation scenarios for you, so you can start right away. The most important automation functions are described below in points 2. to 5.

2. Trigger campaigns: The customer provides the impetus

Email Marketing Automation Trigger Campaigns CleverReach

With trigger campaigns, the customers themselves trigger the automation, or more precisely, their behavior.

  • Which triggers - i.e. actions - trigger email automation?
    This can be a newsletter subscription or a click on a link in the newsletter, for example to a certain product from your online store or an article from your blog. But the trigger can also be the opposite, namely a lack of action! If a recipient does not respond to an email for a certain time, i.e. is inactive, then this can also be the trigger for automation. The goal of the subsequent newsletter would then be to win him back as a customer with the help of a reactivation campaign.
  • Combine trigger campaigns with tagging
    Tags can also be triggers and start an automation. With tagging, recipients are assigned certain "labels" to their profile. If "tags are used as triggers in email automation", adding a tag triggers the automation.

3. Shopping cart abandoners remember - already the penny drops

Email Marketing Automation Shopping Cart Abandoners CleverReach

Around 70 percent of all shopping carts in e-commerce do not reach the checkout! Yet there are exciting things lying dormant in the shopping carts: on the one hand, the unfulfilled wishes of customers - and at the same time, potential sales for store operators. It can be so easy to save shopping carts: with a reminder e-mail. Remind your e-commerce customers of their forgotten products in the shopping cart and reduce your abandonment rate.

With e-mail automation, this can be done all by itself. The prerequisite is the linking of your online store system with our tool. If goods are left in the shopping cart, this information is transferred to CleverReach and the automation is started: The customer receives an email with a reminder about the products he is interested in. A good 10 percent of all those contacted decide to buy after all. Not a bad result for an email automation with one-time effort!

4. Send blogposts automatically thanks to RSS feed automation

Email Marketing Automation RSS Feed Automation CleverReach

Anyone who runs a blog is happy about readers - and readers are happy about new articles! So that they don't miss any, you should offer them the opportunity to receive new content via newsletter. This makes the reader happy, increases the number of visitors and strengthens customer loyalty.

But should you always copy/paste new posts into your newsletter? Or send the links manually? There is a better, more professional and above all faster solution: send your new posts via RSS feed automation. It's enough to set up blogpost automation once, and your readers will receive your new posts regularly. Automation saves your nerves and time, which you can better spend on new posts.

5. Strengthen customer loyalty with transactional emails

Email Marketing Automation Transactional Emails CleverReach

Transactional emails and email marketing - do they go together? We say yes, and so should you. Because transactional emails are primarily used to provide information about a transaction - for example, a purchase followed by the order and shipping confirmation - but we recommend that you don't neglect these system emails.

Transactional emails have open rates that any email marketer can only dream of: Over 80 percent! Tap into this potential and link your transactional emails with email marketing.

Fully automated mailings: well planned is all won

CleverReach Newsletter Tool kostenlos testen

Create and send newsletters completely free of charge:

  • Manage up to 250 recipients
  • Send up to 1,000 emails per month for free!

There is no setup fee and no contractual commitment, but free email support.

For all mailings above that, you can choose between our Flex, Essential and Enterprise rates. Our rate calculator will tell you which rate is best for you.