Email Marketing for Customer Loyalty and Communicating Core Expertise

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CleverReach-Case-Study: teamblau und

Email marketing is much more than just sending newsletters, as the latest case study from the teamblau agency, which modernized the online system behind the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle with the help of CleverReach, shows. The newsletters were designed to build customer loyalty among visitors and prospects and to share botanical knowledge with recipients.

The challenge

Objectives of teamblau & Trauttmansdorff

Trauttmansdorff is an attraction in South Tyrol. It's a place with two fascinating highlights. A key objective of the website relaunch was to combine the online presence of the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle and the informative Touriseum. In close cooperation with the Trauttmansdorff team and with the help of their own know-how, the teamblau agency was able to successfully implement the project.

However, creating a unified online presence was not the only challenge. The focus was on integrating external ticketing systems into the new portal to simplify the ticketing process for users and eliminate the need to redirect them to other platforms. The resulting portal is essentially defined as a complex, content-driven page with numerous store functions.

As part of the relaunch, extensive online marketing efforts were developed and implemented. This includes implementing a modern newsletter system with customized templates in CleverReach.

Monika Vettori, Digital Marketing Specialist at teamblau Internetmanufaktur, explains:

„For several years now, the system has enabled us as an agency to efficiently manage multiple client accounts simultaneously, implement personalized templates, and offer a scalable solution to both smaller and larger clients.

Our customers also enjoy several other benefits. Here are a few of them:

  • Easy-to-use features such as the Drag-and-Drop Editor and recipient lists for independent newsletter campaign management
  • The availability of multiple languages for the CleverReach user interface and system messages facilitates the use of the pages by a wide range of (multilingual) employees in a bilingual (DE-IT) country such as South Tyrol
  • As a GDPR compliant tool CleverReach offers high privacy standards for secure use.

The seamless integration with the Shopware 6 shop system was also an advantage for our client, as the new website with integrated shop system was built on it.“

The main goal of this approach was and is to retain customers. At the same time, it was important to keep directing traffic to the website. Subscribers receive regular updates about special offers, events, upcoming shows, and current gardening activities. These updates drive customers to the website. In addition, botanical news will support the transfer of knowledge. The primary audience for receiving the newsletter consists of individual travelers and those interested in visiting the gardens.

The solution

Newsletter von Trauttmansdorff (Screenshot)

As part of the newsletter project, teamblau set up the system for Trauttmansdorff, which included the creation of an account, the design and implementation of an individual template in the new corporate design and the integration with the Shopware 6 shop system via plugin. Since the Trauttmansdorff team wanted to take care of the system itself after it had been set up, the employees were trained in CleverReach and supported by teamblau during the start-up phase.

Since then, the Trauttmansdorff team has been managing the recipient lists independently. They also create and send out the individual emails. Addresses are collected primarily through the store and from existing lists in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Registered newsletter subscribers are segmented by category and language, with separate recipient lists and segments to ensure they only receive relevant newsletter campaigns. Potential categories include regular visitors, bus groups, tourism associations, internal staff, other stakeholders and different languages.

The result

Newsletter von Trauttmansdorff (Screenshot)

Within 11 months, 90 newsletters have already been sent out. With an average open rate of 46.60% and a click-through rate of almost 36%, the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle show that their topics are relevant. Since there was no newsletter system before, it is not possible to compare the figures.

The new Trauttmansdorff website and associated online marketing activities were implemented in close cooperation with the team at the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle and the Touriseum.

However, the web project and DEM activities are far from complete. In the future, the newsletter will be expanded to include more regular and structured emails, as well as an even more targeted approach. In addition, address acquisition strategies are to be used and optimized, e.g. to exploit the great potential of the attraction's daily visitors and to encourage them to return - also thanks to email marketing.


Branch: Agentur / Tourismus / System: Shopware 6

About teamblau Internetmanufaktur

The internet agency teamblau in Bolzano develops web projects and online marketing campaigns for its clients. They take care of the conception, design, implementation and optimization for the customer.

About Trauttmansdorff

Trauttmansdorff Castle in Merano, South Tyrol, is surrounded by gardens that cover 12 hectares and rise 100 meters in altitude. A total of 80 different garden landscapes, the surrounding mountains and the city of Merano can be admired. The castle itself is home to the Touriseum, which celebrates 250 years of alpine tourism.