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With the help of an easy-to-implement step-by-step plan, the success factors of email marketing help to get off the ground with new business ventures. Established brands can improve current campaigns to achieve even better results.

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Email marketing has the potential to outperform all other marketing channels

Email marketing has the potential to outperform all other marketing channels – but only if done correctly. Michael Leander, an award-winning speaker, trainer and consultant guides you to success with email marketing in his practical eBook.

Using a sophisticated step-by-step plan, the success factors of email marketing are made readily available for new business ventures to get off to a great start or for already existing brands in improving their campaigns to reach outstanding results.

  • Engage and encourage action from your audience via the renewed and proven AIDEA approach.
  • Create your email marketing content concept through clever dialogue marketing that interests your addressees.
  • Define your email marketing purpose and objectives and understand your audience’s needs.
  • Master crafting your email value proposition and a strong acquisition strategy following a refined plan.
  • Generate a solid welcome flow and master tactical elements that will make or break your email marketing campaign.

1. What you will accomplish with the eBook

eBook: Erfolgsfaktoren des E-Mail Marketings

Reaching success with email marketing is achievable when being guided by world renowned Michael Leander in his eBook that covers every aspect of email and dialogue marketing in an easy to follow manner.

  • Start with mastering the basics and understanding your audience to engage with them on a personalised level before encouraging action through a range of techniques and steps.
  • Define your purpose and objectives to enable a perfect email marketing content concept to be created. You’ll be taught to create and follow a refined plan and strategy that hold the foundations for your email value proposition.
  • After tactical elements are mastered, you will create a solid welcome flow of customers and see your own success with email marketing.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing, an important segment of online marketing, is the use of email to promote products or services and to develop relationships with potential customers.

As one of the most popular sources of marketing for many businesses due to its advantages of reaching a wide audience from all corners of the world, email marketing has a niche that continues to evolve.

We are all familiar with what is considered ‘bad’ email marketing, the generic and almost random mails that end up in your junk folder. However, with the introduction of marketing automation, essentially a smart extension of email marketing that is automotive, companies can reach their target audience in a much more personalised manner leading to better success rates.

The benefits of well-maintained email marketing are limitless, not only is it significantly cheaper than the mainstream marketing channels, it also has the ability to reach an already engaged audience through clever systems that essentially filter ideal customers.

This is extremely effective in sending targeted messages made even more convenient through automation that allows nudges and reminders to be sent when necessary.

It is clear to see why email marketing is favoured by many businesses, it is able to reach thousands of people within seconds and is easy to measure which is important when keeping track on data and for driving revenue.

Combine email marketing’s practicality with well thought-through content and an automated plan, it has high potential for nurturing customers’ needs and delivering results for businesses.

3. AIDEA Model

The AIDEA Model, formally known as the AIDA model, is a stimulus-response model widely used in marketing and advertising. AIDEA, an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, Engagement and Action, describes a purchase model in which marketers must first secure attention through interest.

This interest must lead to desire and engagement before resulting in action.

The key to the model is understanding the common time-frame between stages as most buyers do not typically go from desire to action immediately, especially when any aspect of internet marketing is involved as the audience often has time to research for comparisons and reviews to make informed decisions on what products/services they are purchasing.

The AIDEA model is particularly useful for email and dialogue marketing as once the stages are considered and it is acknowledged that the consumer will not act right away. It paves the way for the opportunity to send reminders/nudges and perhaps more relevant information to move closer to the action; a purchase decision. Many customers nowadays become aware of brands via their marketing and advertising abilities.

The model is useful in the sense that it helps to explain how marketing communications engage and involve customers in brand choice. Once the psychology and actions of the target audience are understood it allows marketers to personalise campaigns catered to the customer making the whole program more efficient. Especially as this also helps in then setting realistic targets for data-driven goals in their campaigns, hence why understanding and following the AIDEA concept and bearing in mind the time delays between stages is an ideal component for email and dialogue marketing.

eBook: Erfolgsfaktoren des E-Mail Marketings

4. About the Author: Michael Leander

The author, Michael Leander, is a professional from Denmark who specialises in all things marketing, from digital and content to CRM and trends. Leander is a well-known name in the marketing world, having worked particularly within email and digital marketing for the past 20 years he is somewhat of an expert in the field proven by his success in consultancy and training.

Using his passion for marketing automation, Leander has helped huge brands turn failing email marketing campaigns into highly successful programs and firmly believes the answer starts from the beginning in mastering the basics of email marketing for the rest to simply follow naturally.

As an award-winning speaker, Leander has shared his knowledge and ideas in over 40 countries covering 6 continents. He is innovative, versatile and has data-proven results.


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