Manage Your Recipients

Manage your recipient addresses: List organization, segmentation, tagging, bounce management and co!
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Manage newsletter recipients easily

Clever recipient management
Use your address list for targeted email marketing.

Conveniently create recipient lists
Add recipients easily via import functions, DOI sign-up forms and plugins to various systems.

Segmentation made easy
Segments help you to send better targeted newsletters for the best performance.

Free to use
Making an account is easy and free of charge – try our software for yourself!

Newsletter Recipient Management

With clever recipient management, you can get more out of your address list and your newsletter campaigns. Create, sort and manage recipient lists conveniently with CleverReach for free.

How do I add new contacts to my mailing list?

You have several options to add the mail addresses of your newsletter recipients to an existing mailing list or a new one:

  1. Add your contacts to a list via import from CSV, XLS, XLSX or TXT. Here are the instructions on how to import addresses.
  2. Import recipients via newsletter integrations from external systems, for example online stores or CRM systems.
  3. You can also manually enter new addresses into your CleverReach recipient database.
  4. You can collect new newsletter recipients via DOI registration form on your homepage - these addresses will automatically be transferred to the selected mailing list.


List purging: Why is it important that only active recipients are in the mailing list?

If an email address is incorrect, your newsletter cannot be delivered. Not only do you pay unnecessarily for this address in your list. Sending emails to inactive contacts also worsens the delivery rate. In order to prevent this, CleverReach automatically purges the address list during the import of the recipient data. Obviously invalid (i.e. incomplete email addresses) are deleted. In addition duplicate email addresses get filtered out.

How can I filter email addresses for targeted campaigns?

There are several ways to split your recipients into different target groups:

  • Use the information from the data fields to create segments.
  • Add tags to your recipients and use these tags to segment your list.
  • Use our email automation to send different newsletters according to your recipients' behavior.

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1. Select or create new list

Managing Newsletter Recipients Select or Create CleverReach

Create a new list for your mailing – all with just one click!

When clicking on an already existing list you get to see all the subscribers of this list. See everything you need at a glance:

  • email address
  • Signup date
  • The quality of the address which can be derived from the open rates of previous newsletters

2. Add subscribers

importing newsletter recipients (screenshot)

No matter in how many different places you store your subscriber data – you can easily bring it all together in CleverReach:

You decide whether you:

  • prefer to create recipient lists manually
  • want to upload data from an existing list
  • want to integrate them with the help of a plugin of your shop or website

3. Create segments

Managing Newsletter Recipients Create Segments CleverReach

Make sure your subscribers only receive content that is relevant to their needs. Learn more about your subscribers and segment them based on their activities and their profiles:

  • “buyer” or “prospective customer”
  • Fields of interest
  • Performance: open rates or clicks
  • Activities or occasions: Summer, winter, Christmas, Easter, summer sales
  • Personal information: age, gender, …

or whatever fits your needs!

Tip: Given the fact that you can’t copy or else move subscribers from one list to another but must create a new contact for each list you add the subscriber to, we recommend building big subscriber lists and then segment them from one another.

4. Automatic registration and unsubscribe forms

Managing Newsletter Recipients Automatic Registration CleverReach

Create your registration and unsubscribe forms for your website directly in CleverReach and integrate them with a source code or link on your website.

Integrate everything you need:

  • Text fields
  • Multiple choice selection
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdown boxes
  • Date and telephone fields
  • CAPTCHA request
  • Social media elements

Our forms exclusively use the secure double opt-in process.

5. Blocklist, automatic bounce management and stats

Managing Newsletter Recipients Blacklist CleverReach
  • You can permanently exclude certain subscribers or domains from your mailings by adding them to the blocklist. They are deleted during imports or mailings. Blocklists can be either defined for a bunch of lists or just one list only – or else they can automatically be processed through so called feedback loops, which happens when a subscriber marks your newsletter as spam.
  • Full inbox, a temporary default, a no longer existing email address, or a user who has decided to block your mailings: see which email bounced and why. Bounces will be blocked for a certain amount of time.
  • Statistics, such as open rates, active and inactive subscribers, are shown within the list. Additionally, you automatically get a weekly report that briefly informs you about the number of subscriptions and unsubscribes.

Email marketing for your business

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  • up to 250 recipients
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Our free price plan has no limited running-term. There is no setup fee and no contractual obligations.

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