Personalized Email Newsletters

Increase relevance through individualized content
Personalized Newsletter CleverReach

The advantages of personalized newsletters

Target group-specific e-mail marketing
Reach your recipients with content that is relevant to them.

Increase conversions
Content and products of interest to the target audience are clicked and purchased more frequently.

Personal connection
By addressing your recipients personally, you strengthen customer loyalty and improve the open rate.

Have you thought to yourself how do you increase the relevance of your newsletters? Answer! With personalized emails. The challenge is to reach your recipients directly with content they care about. Our personalized newsletter elements help you to vary the content of your mailings. That’s how you can address your recipients’ individual preferences, interests and wishes and provide them with the right offers and news. Send your subscribers their individually designed emails with personalized newsletters:

  • Get to your customers directly by addressing them personally
  • Add different links to your mailing that direct the recipient to respective content, products or pages (so called landing pages) that might interest them, for example exclusive offers in your online shop
  • Create up to 45 data fields in each list of recipients, that help you to collect data about your subscribers and target them individually

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1. Use placeholders: Drag & Drop editor

Personalized Newsletter Placeholders CleverReach
  • Use placeholders to add personal data like salutation or name to your mailing. They are filled with the respective data when you send the email.
  • You’ll need at least salutation, first name and last name for personally addressing your recipients. Add any number of additional data to personalize your newsletters.
  • Condition: Define a data field and enter the respective data
  • Most data fields for personalization are available in the CleverReach® drag & drop editor. You’ll find them under “tags”.

Use placeholders: HTML editor

In our HTML editor, you can also use placeholders which you find under “placeholders”. Not all variables can be selected in our HTML editor. A list with the most common database fields can be found on our support pages. Just copy some of the listed variables and insert them in your mailing. Please note, that the variables always have to be placed in capital letters in curly braces. If not all database fields have an entry, just vary the personalization, so that it doesn’t appear empty in your mailing.

Tip: All recipients should be addressed personally. If the entry “name”, however, is missing, just replace it with a general phrase. Use the “IF-Else”-function (find further instructions on our support pages).

2. Advantage: Higher open rates

CleverReach Newsletter Tool kostenlos testen

Personalize your mailings and achieve higher relevance and open rates! Every day we are overwhelmed with a massive flood of information that we can’t all take in. The consequence: we sort out the things that are irrelevant for us and concentrate on what actually is important to us and triggers us personally.

  • Example: We react when we are called by name, even when we are on a busy street, surrounded by a huge crowd of people. This is also the case in the virtual world. If we read our name in a newsletter, we recognize that this is a message for us and it becomes relevant.

This simple example shows how open rates can be increased through personalization and well phrased subject lines. If you also tailor the content of your newsletter to your recipients’ personal preferences, you can increase relevance even more.

3. Advantage: personalized emails your customers care about

Personalized Newsletter Advantages CleverReach

Addressing your recipients personally is a crucial element of personalized newsletters. Although you shouldn’t exaggerate to use your customer’s name in your newsletter, personalized call to action buttons can’t only increase attention but also click rates. To adjust your newsletter to your customers’ needs, you have to get to know them first:

  • Characteristics like marital status or age are sensitive data for personalization.
  • Data like email-, surf-, and shopping behavior can also be used for varying the content of your newsletter. Insert personalized offers and product recommendations according to these results into your mailing.
  • You can ask your customer directly about his age or marital status, for information on their surf behavior you need specific analysis tools. This gives you an insight into their viewed products, abandoned carts and purchases.

4. Tips for personalizing your newsletters

Personalized Newsletter Tips CleverReach

Addressing your recipients by name and some other elements don’t make your personalized newsletter complete yet. There are a number of additional factors that make your mailing perfect:

  • Delivery frequency and date/time: Many subscribers easily get annoyed when they receive too many newsletters. The result: a flood of unsubscribes. Offer your recipients to decide for themselves, how often they want to receive your newsletters.
  • Send emails to company addresses at other times than private email addresses.
  • Designing your newsletter: Increase relevance by selecting personalized images as well!

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