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Easily track email campaign sales with Google Analytics
Conversion Tracking with Google Analytics CleverReach

Evaluate the success of your newsletter campaigns

Simply set up tracking
Easily activate Google Analytics URL tracking in the campaign settings.

Analyze user behavior
Get to know your target group better and optimize your newsletter campaigns.

Achieve sales targets
Perform a sales analysis and measure the conversions achieved.

Why is conversion tracking so important in email marketing?

It's simple: It tells you how successful your newsletter was! With conversion tracking, you can determine the conversion rate of your newsletter: how many recipients have bought, downloaded, signed up, or the like as a result of your newsletter.

Definition - How the conversion rate is measured

To find out the conversion rate of your email marketing, the visits to your website are related to your newsletter and these website visits are evaluated in terms of resulting conversions. Conversion rate is a very important metric in email marketing. For this metric, the higher the better and the more successful the newsletter campaign.

Conversion Tracking mit CleverReach und Google Analytics

Conversion tracking for the CleverReach email marketing tool is determined using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a widely used analytics tool for websites that allows you to analyze relevant information about your customers' user behavior, such as:

  • the number of views of your website
  • the origin of your visitors
  • dwell time on your site
  • search terms, landing pages, entry pages
  • Conversions

A conversion can be defined in different ways, for example as

  • Download of a software
  • Registration as a customer
  • Purchase of a product.

Attention: You want to enable conversion tracking via Google Analytics? In this case the linked website must have Google Analytics.

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1. Easily set up newsletter tracking with Google Analytics

Conversion Tracking With Google Analytics CleverReach

You want to find out what happens on your website after a click on a link in the newsletter? Abandonment, dwell or conversion? Find out with the help of Google Analytics.

To be able to use newsletter tracking with Google Analytics, you first need a connection between your CleverReach account and the Google Analytics tracking of your website. To do this, activate Google Analytics URL tracking in the campaign settings when creating the newsletter and enter the necessary UTM parameters.

From now on, you can evaluate your newsletter campaigns with the help of Google Analytics.

To enable Google Analytics tracking, the linked website must also have Google Analytics. During the evaluation you can find your mailing with CleverReach as campaign source.

By activating it, corresponding parameters for Google Analytics will be attached to all links in your newsletter. In doing so, the links are uniquely identified for each newsletter, so you can accurately attribute the origin of your visitors to the website.

  • Campaign source (utm_source): In our case, this is your respective CleverReach newsletter.
  • Campaign medium (utm_medium): Your campaign is distributed via the medium of email.
  • Campaign name (utm_campaign): This is the name of the campaign sent.
  • About data protection and GDPR: If you have integrated Google Analytics into your website, it is necessary that you refer to it in your privacy policy.

2. Online stores: Show conversion and sales with Google Analytics

Online store operators need more than just opens and clicks: In e-commerce, it is particularly helpful that the result of conversion tracking is displayed as sales in the newsletter report. With conversion tracking through Google Analytics, you record how many clicks on your links have generated purchases.

TIP: Conversion tracking with Google Analytics is not only useful for online stores, it is also used to measure other types of conversions such as downloads or sign-ups, and evaluating these metrics will help you improve your online presence.

In addition to evaluating your email campaigns themselves, relevant information about the links in your newsletters will help you better measure success. For example, how often an advertised product actually generated a purchase in your store. This is exactly what a website analysis tool does for you, e.g. Google Analytics.

3. Websites: Analyze user behavior and optimize website with Google Analytics

Conversion Tracking with Google Analytics Websites CleverReach

The results from Google Analytics will help you optimize not only your newsletter, but also your website.

  • User behavior: A high bounce rate and quick closing of the landing page give an indication that your website is not providing the content your newsletter recipients were hoping for.
  • Pages per session/visit: The pages viewed per session and the average session duration also indicate whether your site is providing the right information for your newsletter subscribers.
  • Revenue tracking: This shows which actions and campaigns are particularly successful.

These values are viewed for each individual newsletter and allow conclusions to be drawn about the success of the individual newsletter or entire campaign. To see at a glance whether a certain value is changing at an above-average rate, there is the radar function. This allows you to monitor certain key figures. In case of strong fluctuations or falling below certain values, you will be notified.

Evaluations and analyses of your email campaigns with CleverReach

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