Case Study – Digital Customer Care à la Börlind

Jacqueline Schwestka
ppa // Senior PR-Consultant

As part of the website relaunches for the natural cosmetics brands ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND and DADO SENS, Börlind GmbH decided to work with a new email marketing tool. The company regarded a reasonable pricing as well as EU compliant data protection as central characteristics for the new tool. Also, Börlind’s newsletter subscribers should get the best possible user experience. Börlind chose CleverReach and has been using the tool successfully for several years now.

“During our decision-making process for an email marketing tool we have looked at various providers. We could quickly work our way into the CleverReach tool. Their mailings offer the best possible user experience. We were also convinced by the tool’s intuitive user interface and the attractive pricing - the CleverReach prepaid pricing model was just right for sending campaigns on a non-regular basis. The EU-compliant data storage and handling was crucial for our decision. “

Florian Hammann, Börlind Online Marketing & eCommerce Manager

The challenge

Börlind grows their base of loyal and interested newsletter subscribers

For Börlind, email marketing is a substantial element of the marketing mix. The company wants to strengthen the relationship between customer and brand through appealing mailings and a terrific user experience. Their target groups are brand fans and all others who are interested.

To generate new leads, Börlind systematically uses all available contact points: This includes the company’s newsletter registration form, lotteries, product testing, subscriptions for Börlind’s in-house print magazine „Natural Woman“as well as club cards of trading partners.

After customers give their consent to receive brand newsletters, Börlind uses personalization to keep them updated about new products, company news and events. Börlind sees their newsletters as a way to support customer retention and not primarily to increase sales.

Börlind’s newsletters achieve remarkable results when it comes to open and click rates: Mailings are opened on an average of one third of recipients, and 45.3 percent of them also click on links or images placed in the newsletters. Even more impressive: More than 98 percent of ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND and DADO SENS newsletter recipients stick to their decision and remain newsletter subscribers. These KPIs indicate high quality email addresses as well as loyal and interested subscribers and convincing content.

The solution

Expanding Email Marketing Automation with THEA

For the future, the company is planning on expanding their email marketing and using the CleverReach flat rate:

„We think that email automation has enormous potential. Among other things, we want to work with email automation for addressing interested customers who have contacted our customer service to get test products. Two weeks after sending the products we want to ask this target group about their experiences and satisfaction“, says Florian Hammann.

Before that, however, it is necessary to fully implement the new CRM system. Also, the company wants to increase the frequency of their mailings and offer customers even more relevant content.

Using THEA, the new CleverReach Email Marketing Automation, Börlind wants to create and send automated email campaigns in the future, for example to wish customers a happy birthday and send them a surprise coupon.

The result

Using email marketing as an easy-to-use point of contact with customers

The example of Annemarie Börlind shows that newsletters are a valuable channel for customer loyalty even in this day and age. Good list maintenance and targeted automations make e-mail marketing particularly successful. We are excited to see how Börlind will continue to use e-mail marketing to build strong customer loyalty in the future!

Branch: Beauty & Cosmetics / System: Magento Shop

About Annemarie Börlind

Börlind is a traditional third-generation family enterprise producing natural cosmetics. As a leading German natural cosmetics manufacturer from the Black Forest, Börlind has become a global brand. Börlind products found their way to the most exclusive shopping streets in more than 30 countries around the world. Besides the European main market, Asia and North America are important markets overseas. Börlind uses the latest scientific findings to discover nature’s hidden potential with pioneering research.