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Newsletter Open and Click Rate

Want to know how successful your mailing campaigns really are? Just look at the open and click rates:

  • the open rate shows how many of your subscribers have opened your newsletter
  • the click rate shows the relation between opened mailings and clicks on buttons and links

Both values are given as a percentage and are calculated with the number of opened emails in relation to the delivered mailings (open rate), respectively the clicking recipients in relation to the delivered mailings (click rate). For both values, it is differentiated between:

  • Single opens/ clicks: how many recipients have opened your mailings and clicked on content in your mailing example: a button, image, or link.
  • Multiple opens/ clicks: multiple opens and clicks of one and the same recipient are also considered (total opens)

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1. How to measure open and click rates

Email Open and Click Rate How to measure CleverReach
  • The open rate is collected through so-called tracking pixels, which are “hidden” in the mailing. The downloads of the tracking pixels are counted for the open rate
  • The click rate is measured by defining every link in your newsletter as a tracking link. That’s how every click is collected.

2. Measurability for greater success

Email Open and Click Rate Measurability CleverReach

Open and click rates – two figures that give you an idea of how well your mailing has performed.

  • High open rates indicate a well phrased subject line
  • High click rates are an indicator of great content

With the help of these two values you can measure the performance of your mailing and evaluate, if you need to improve your newsletters or if you have achieved exceptionally good results. With CleverReach, you see the success of your mailing in our quality display as a five-star-ranking. By adding a web analysis software, you can see your success in even greater detail. See the conversions of your subscribers at a glance.

3. Achieve higher open rates

Email Open and Click Rate Achieve Higher Open Rates CleverReach

Want to increase your open rates? Making a good first impression counts! Some practical tips:

  • Take your time and create an attractive subject line: Spark interest in your subscribers’ minds, but also tell them what your mailing is about right away – the focus key word should immediately catch the reader’s eye.
  • Keep it short to make sure that all email clients display your message correctly
  • Use click-likely phrases: e.g. by asking rhetorical questions or informing about discounts
  • Don’t overuse special characters – they are likely to be classified as spam and make your mailing directly go to the spam folder
  • Make sure you send relevant content. This increases your open rates for following mailings.
  • Always phrase your mailings target group-friendly.

4. How to achieve higher click rates

Email Open and Click Rate How to Achieve Higher Click Rates CleverReach
  • Only send content that is relevant for your respective target group
  • Attach importance to an attractive design and placement of your call to action buttons
  • Integrate social sharing buttons

Not sure what your target group likes? Use an A/B split test and find out! Send two different versions of your mailing to a small group of your mailing list. Then send the more successful version to the rest of your recipients.

What you can also test:

  • Subject lines
  • Content
  • Design of your newsletter (images, call to action buttons)
  • Special offers
  • Delivery times
  • Sender
  • Pre-header

5. Tips & Tricks

  • Tip 1
    When is my newsletter successful?
    Even if you always give 100 percent for creating your newsletter - don't expect your open rates to be as equally high. Usually, not more than one third of your readership actually opens your mailings, although from time to time there might be more successful mailings with an up to 60 percent open rate.
    For example:
    Your average open rate is 25-30 percent, the average click rate 15 percent. These are the recipients that open your newsletters and click on some element. Low click rates suggest that the content of your mailing has not fulfilled the expectations of your recipients. Low open rates mean your subject line has not convinced your readers. For the future, try to arouse more interest in your readers. What's important: Don't use these figures as a reference, this always depends on content, industry, target group, and other factors of your individual newsletter campaigns.
  • Tip 2
    Amongst the open and click rates, there are other factors that also indicate the performance of your newsletter:
  • Bounce rate
  • Delivery rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Tip 3
    Try yourself: Which email are you more likely to open?
    „GREAT OFFER: Insane special offers in June. ONLY FOR YOU, ONLY NOW!!!“
    „20% off all spring products - only until Friday“

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