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Creating and Designing Newsletters CleverReach

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Easily create newsletters yourself

With our free email marketing software everyone – beginner or pro – can create professional email newsletters. To show you how simple it is to create newsletters with CleverReach, we’ll take you through the creation process step by step. 

But let’s start by answering the most essential questions on designing emails:

How Do I Create a Newsletter?

To create a newsletter it’s best to use a professional newsletter tool. Create your newsletters with CleverReach in no time at all – you don’t need any special knowledge.

What Do I Need to Create a Newsletter?

Good news – you only need our email tool and internet access to create beautiful newsletters. 

What you don’t need: 

  • Storage space: Create your newsletters online with CleverReach, no download required.  
  • Programming skills: CleverReach is incredibly easy to use. You don’t need any extensive training sessions. Normal Word user skills are completely sufficient to create professional emails with our versatile newsletter tool. Our tool is intuitive and guides you through the entire creation process. 
  • A lot of time: Designing a newsletter is very simple. Insert images, text blocks and other newsletter elements in a jiffy and get your campaign ready to go in the blink of an eye. 
  • A lot of money: Use our free email marketing tool – and send up to 1,000 emails per month for free!

What Features Does CleverReach Offer for Creating Newsletters

Our free software offers all features you need for creating and designing your emails – plus some additional extras: 

  • Free Newsletter Templates

Select the perfect template for your newsletters from a wide selection of email templates. We also offer a selection of seasonal templates for some occasions. 

  • Creating Responsive Newsletters

Our responsive email templates automatically adapt to any device and are always perfectly displayed on a computer desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

  • Newsletter Editor

Creating professional emails with our Newsletter Editor is not only fast and straightforward, it’s also a lot of fun! Place images, buttons, text, social media buttons, links and everything your newsletter needs via drag & drop in your email. The design options are quite extensive and at the same time very down-to-earth. 

  • Easy Integration of Your Website Content 

You have an online shop, a blog or use a Customer Relationship Software? Connect our email marketing tool with your business app and directly integrate the contents from your shop or blog in your newsletter and use customer data for personalized emails. Links can easily be inserted to lead your customers to your website or online shop. 

  • Virtual Preview Before Sending 

Check out the preview to see how your newsletter is displayed on desktop or mobile devices. 

  • Extra: Template Converter

Our Template Converter turns your newsletter templates from external providers to templates you can use in our tool. 

You can also use your own templates in our newsletter tool. Go to „Use Your HTML Newsletter Templates” to find out how.  

  • Extra: NPS Survey Tool 

Use our NPS survey tool to find out more about your customers and how satisfied they are with you, your product or your service. 

Take a look at our help center for more tips on creating emails.

Why Should I Use a Newsletter Tool for My Emails?

Marketing pros know the answer, of course, but people setting up their first newsletter might ask themselves: How do I create a newsletter with a normal email client like gmail, GMX or Outlook? The answer is: you don’t. A program like Outlook is not suitable for designing a newsletter. Although Outlook can also be used to send text together with images, these are displayed differently for each recipient. As a result, lines slip and where and whether images are displayed at all is a gamble.

When creating your emails with a newsletter tool like CleverReach it is always displayed in your subscriber’s inbox as intended.

What Do I Have to Do to Create a Newsletter with CleverReach?

Log into your CleverReach account. 

Don’t have an account yet? Create one – for free and terminable at any time. Simply enter your email address and we create an account for you to get you started right away. There’s no setup fee, no minimum contract duration and no risks! Give our email marketing solution a go for free and create free newsletters!  

You have even more options when deciding to work with one of our paid plans:

You don’t take any risks, as you can switch or cancel your price plan at any time. 

Ready, set – logged in?

Start now with CleverReach!

Specialized in target group-oriented marketing campaigns, our email marketing software effectively supports you in the successful implementation of email marketing campaigns. Manage up to 250 recipients and send up to 1,000 emails per month for free!

Creating Newsletters Online: Getting Started with Our Newsletter Editor

CleverReach - Creating and Designing Professional Email Newsletters

1. Determining Newsletter Campaign Settings

Creating and Designing Newsletters Campaign Settings CleverReach

Start by defining some essential settings for your email campaign:  

  • Choose the recipient list you’re creating your email for. Select your target group from the displayed recipient lists. 
  • Now think of a catchy subject line to psych up your readers.  
  • You can also enter a preheader for your email to sum up the essence of your newsletter.  
  • The sender address is automatically displayed, but you can enter your own sender name.  
  • If you’re unsure about how to address your target group, simply try out different options via an A/B-Split-Test. 

Need inspiration for your subject line? This might be interesting for you: 

2. Selecting Tracking Options

Creating and Designing Newsletters Selecting Template Options CleverReach

The advanced campaign settings offer your additional options for optimizing your newsletter. Create different categories for your mailings and define separate campaign details for them. You can also decide on your preferred tracking options and attach tags. Or you connect your Google Analytics account with CleverReach® and observe what happens after recipients click on a link and end up on your website

3. Selecting an Email Template

Creating and Designing Newsletters Selecting E-Mail Template CleverReach

What should the email you want to create look like? Take a look at our templates that are the basis for your newsletter. 

  • Select one of our free and responsive newsletter templates.
  • Our use one of our special seasonal designs for occasions like Black Friday or the holiday season. 
  • You can also use your own templates and predesigned content.  
  • You have templates from another newsletter tool you want to use in CleverReach? As long as they’re compatible with Campaign Monitor you can convert them to CleverReach templates with our “Template Converter“.

4. Designing with Our Drag & Drop Editor

Creating and Designing Newsletters Drag and Drop Editor CleverReach

Time for design: Create professional newsletter campaigns with our intuitive drag & drop newsletter editor in no time according to your needs. 

  • Place images and content elements in your email and 
  • Import dynamic element such as RSS content or products from your online shop with just a few clicks via drag & drop. 

Got everything done? Then take a look at the preview to check how your email looks on a desktop monitor and mobile devices. A design and spam test shows the layout of your newsletter in several email clients and checks whether everything is displayed correctly (bookable soon). 

5. Checking and Sending Your Email

Creating and Designing Newsletters Checking and Sending your Email CleverReach

Your newsletter campaign is ready to go! Our checklist gives you an overview of all essential parts of your campaign and greenlights it.  

Critically review your campaign. Now’s the time for final changes and optimizations! 

Recipients: Did you choose the right recipient list or the right segment? This is your last chance to change it.  

Subject: Does your subject line really match the content of your email? Do readers get curious? If your answer is no we recommend giving it another thought. 

Content: The preview shows how your newsletter looks like. If needed, send yourself a test email to check it thoroughly before sending it out. 

Schedule your email: Select a time and date (e.g. on a special occasion, event, birthday, after placing an order) for your email! 

Now you just have to confirm the security check and off you go!

Email marketing for your business

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  • up to 250 recipients
  • and send up to 1.000 emails per month for free!

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