Crowdin Integration for CleverReach

Let Your Email Newsletter Marketing Go International with Crowdin

Use the Crowdin localization platform to translate your emails and newsletters quickly and easily into other languages.

Crowdin allows you to translate your newsletter drafts to run multilingual campaigns. Either you do the translations in Crowdin yourself or you get them done by an agency or internal team. Crowdin offers several productivity features which makes the translations not only fast but also relevant.

The Integration Provides the Following Features

  • Draft translation
  • Content synchronization: Send drafts from CleverReach to Crowdin, translate them and synchronize them back to CleverReach

How to use the Crowdin- CleverReach-Integration:

  • Create a project in Crowdin and connect it with your CleverReach account.
  • Navigate to the menu item “Integrations“ in Crowdin. Click on CleverReach.
  • The integration pops up and you can see all your newsletters created in CleverReach.
  • Select the newsletters you want to localize and click on “Sync to“. All selected emails are transferred to Crowdin.
  • Start to translate via your Crowdin-Home page.
  • Now synchronize the translated version of your email back to CleverReach.
  • Switch to your CleverReach account to send your localized email to a recipient list of your choice.

Installation of the Crowdin Integration for CleverReach

There are two ways of setting up the CleverReach integration:

  • Installation in your Crowdin Enterprise-Organization:
    • Open the workspace of your organization, select “Marketplace“ in the “Organization” menu and click on Install.
    • Define the user access rights and decide on the project you want to use the integration for.
    • When the app is installed, you can use the CleverReach app in your project by opening Apps > Custom.
  • Installation in your Crowdin account:
    • Go to „Resources“, select the marketplace and click on Install.
    • Define who may use the app, and select the projects the users may use the app for.
    • When the app is installed, you can find the CleverReach app via the tab "Apps“ of your project.

About Crowdin

Crowdin is a cloud-based translation and localization platform. Crowdin allows you to implement multilingual campaigns within no time. User interfaces, websites, marketing and support content can be translated into different languages very efficiently and in a time-saving manner.
Crowdin was founded in 2009 and was originally a crowdsourcing platform for localization; it was used, for example, to translate the popular video game Minecraft into multiple languages at minimal cost.
Crowdin works with an online translation editor whose machine translations can be proofread by linguists. In addition, other options are offered for translations into other languages: Users can use an in-house translation team, crowdsourcing and a translation agency. There is also a marketplace for translation agencies.