Newsletter integration for lexoffice from CleverReach

Carglass, TESA, bugatti, DHL and REWE create and send their newsletters with CleverReach. Why? Because it is simply clever. Now you can do the same with your Lexoffice accounting software! With CleverReach's sophisticated email marketing software, you can design professional newsletters to your customers very easily and quickly, even without programming knowledge. Take advantage of the extensive benefits of an integration solution for your Lexoffice application and benefit from our powerful software & flexible pricing without a contract period.

Exclusively for lexoffice customers: Secure 12 months 10% new customer price advantage on your CleverReach tariff! Simply simple: The price advantage is stored for you in the account.

Advantages & Module Description

Use CleverReach's powerful newsletter module directly in your Lexoffice application. The integration connects our CleverReach email marketing tool directly with your Lexoffice backend. Immediately, all important "Lexoffice data" is continuously updated and added to the CleverReach newsletter tool completely automatically. Through synchronization, you save valuable time and nerves. At the same time, you avoid errors that often occur with manual imports and exports.

Without your intervention, all your lexoffice contacts are automatically transferred to CleverReach.
The synchronization of your lexoffice contacts with the CleverReach recipient lists runs completely automatically, whereby customer characteristics are matched with your subscriber groups for the segmentation of targeted newsletter campaigns.
Because simple is simple.

With this helpful data, you send out newsletters with personalized information and offers that really interest your customers. You benefit from more opens and more clicks - simply more interactions. This is your key to more success: you turn your customers into fans - simply profit.

Exclusively for lexoffice customers: Secure a 10% new customer discount on your CleverReach tariff for 12 months! Simply enter the coupon code "lexoffice".

The functions

Since 2007, we have been shaping the possibilities of email marketing with and for our customers. The result - a wide range of CleverReach features:

  • Easily create and send email newsletters with the drag & drop editor.
  • Responsive, free templates/templates for different industries and occasions
  • Easily segment recipient list and send targeted newsletters using tags
  • Use email marketing automation THEA to plan multi-level newsletter chains and campaigns for different occasions in advance and save time
  • Easily analyze success and optimize newsletters
  • Highest security standards, email marketing made in Germany
  • Free support & free on-demand seminars
  • Always the right tariff for everyone: tailor-made, changeable at any time, no contract period!

If you have any questions, visit our much-used On Demand Seminars or contact our support team, who will always be happy to help you.

Integration into your lexoffice application

  • There are no system requirements for installing the CleverReach lexoffice application.
  • To download the integration, log in to CleverReach. Then go to "My Account" and click there on "Extras -> Integrations".
  • Here you will find the lexoffice integration. Click on the button "Connect now".
  • A start window will then open. To connect your lexoffice account to CleverReach, simply click on "Log in to your lexoffice account now!".
  • Now a login popup appears. Enter your lexoffice access data here and click on "Log in".
  • Afterwards you will be asked for authorization. Please allow access to your data by clicking on the button "Allow access".
  • If the authorization was successful, the popup will close and the synchronization process will start automatically.
  • When you start again with email marketing, your lexoffice contacts will be transferred to CleverReach. If you already have an existing CleverReach recipient list, your CleverReach recipients will be synchronized with your lexoffice contacts.
  • After that, all your lexoffice contacts are added to your "lexoffice" list in CleverReach. The app will then redirect you to the dashboard page.
  • And now you're ready to get started: Click on "Create your first newsletter" to start your first mailing campaign.
  • To disconnect from the CleverReach lexoffice app again, simply click on "Disconnect".

Of course, your contacts are still available in the "lexoffice" list after disconnecting CleverReach and lexoffice.

About lexoffice

Lexoffice is a software developed in Germany around finance and accounting; lexoffice is the cloud-based version of it. The application makes mobile working very easy, as it can be accessed flexibly from anywhere in the world: in the home office, in the office, on the road or in a co-working space. The program includes the important financial functions in one application.

With Lexoffice you can

  • write quotations
  • create invoices
  • Manage customer data
  • Keep an eye on finances
  • Prepare tax returns
  • do bookkeeping
  • and much more.

The program is designed in such a way that the user does not need extensive knowledge of accounting or special training, but can get started quite intuitively. lexoffice is suitable for every type of entrepreneur: whether self-employed, freelancer, small business owner or founder. Depending on the needs, different comprehensive versions can be used, the cheapest version includes invoicing, online banking and a financial overview, the advanced version includes additional functions such as advance VAT return, cash book & open items.