Tagging for individual newsletter content

Set tags and win twice: less wastage, more targeted communication
Newsletter Tags und Tagging – CleverReach Newsletter Tool

Customized newsletters thanks to tagging

Targeted e-mail marketing
Address your clientele with exactly the content that really interests you.

Personal address
The more tags a recipient has, the more personally you can address them.

Higher open rates
Increase the performance of your newsletters with individualized content.

Newsletter Marketing Tags

Add TAGs to your newsletter links and benefit from automatic tagging of your recipients.

What is the definition of TAG?

Translated, TAG means label. But what is it in email marketing? In email marketing, the term "keyword" fits better; tagging can thus be defined as keywording or labeling. When a recipient is tagged, certain terms are simply assigned to them; labels are virtually attached to them. Transferred to our newsletter tool, certain tags, i.e. catchwords, are added to recipient profiles.

How do you benefit from tagging in newsletters?

TAGs help to get to know recipients better in email marketing. The more TAGs are assigned to a recipient record, the more is known about the recipient and their interests - and the better and more targeted content can be tailored to them. The result:

  • The recipient receives more relevant e-mails, because their content is tailored to his or her interests.
  • these are more likely to be opened, so the open rate increases
  • The click rate is also higher due to offers that are adapted to preferences.
  • This in turn also increases the conversion rate.
  • This means that your recipients receive the emails that really interest them, and you enjoy high open, click and conversion rates!

The advantages of tagging in email marketing

  • The individual recipient is seen individually
  • The more tags a recipient has, the more personally he or she can be addressed
  • There is less wastage due to the targeted approach
  • With the help of the tags, the list of recipients can be segmented very easily and again and again
  • By using tag triggers in automations, the recipients themselves trigger automation chains.

Add tags manually or automatically?

With CleverReach, adding TAGs is possible both manually and automatically.

When adding manually, you go to the respective recipient record and enter your TAG that you want to add or select the desired TAG from the list,

TAGs can also be set automatically: When clicking on a link in the newsletter. For this purpose, TAGs are assigned to the links when a newsletter is created. If the recipient clicks on this link, his profile automatically receives the corresponding TAG. In this way, the subscriber himself ensures that a TAG is added to his recipient record. His click behavior clearly shows what he is interested in.

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3. Select or enter TAGs

Newsletter Tags and Tagging Select Tags CleverReach
  • In the TAG field, enter the term with which the recipient is to be tagged.
  • If the TAG is already in use, it will be displayed and you only need to select it.
  • After entering or selecting, press the [Enter] key on the keyboard or click "Ok".
  • The TAG is assigned to the link and now appears blue
  • Several TAGs can be stored for the same link.

What is the purpose of storing multiple TAGs for one link? An example: Your subscriber clicks on a link. It leads to a special offer of sneakers of a certain brand. He now receives the TAGs special offer, sneaker and the brand name.

4. Manually tag recipients

Newsletter Tags and Tagging Manually CleverReach

It is also possible to manually assign TAGs to its recipients. To do this, go to the corresponding recipient record and there to "Edit".

Then click in the gray area. As soon as you enter a space, a list of already assigned TAGs will open automatically. Either select a TAG there or simply enter the TAG you want, press Enter and the TAG is stapled to the recipient. The number of TAGs you can pin to your recipients is not limited.

5. Dynamize your recipient list with tagging

Newsletter Tags and Tagging dynamize Recipient ListCleverReach

Thanks to tagging, you can not only segment your recipients very easily, you can also regroup them again and again - from newsletter to newsletter. This way, your subscribers always receive relevant information - and you show appreciation by sending them only the things that are really exciting for them.

And it keeps getting better: since there are new links in every newsletter, new clicks and thus TAGs are generated with every campaign. This increases the accuracy with which you can select your recipients for the next newsletter. The more emails you send, the deeper and more differentiated you can select your recipients.

TIP: In combination with automation, not only the content is controlled via TAGs, but also the time of dispatch. This way, each recipient not only receives content tailored to them, they also receive it at the appropriate time.

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