Zapier brings Email Marketing to every App

Create your personal plugin for your business application with Zapier

The Zapier platform combines the CleverReach email marketing tool with more than 1000 external applications such as Excel, PayPal, Magento, Google or WordPress.

Spotify, Levi’s, DHL and BMW create and send their newsletters with CleverReach. Why? It’s simply clever. You really want that, too – but there is no plugin for your online shop, CRM or CMS yet? Then create your own integration solution with Zapier and connect our email marketing tool with of your business applications.

So-called “Zaps“ automatically enter your customer data into our newsletter software. You no longer have to maintain your lists manually or upload files from other systems – the data exchange simply runs simultaneously in the background. New entries in an Excel list, for example, are automatically transferred to your CleverReach account. With the respective zap, entering a new address in Excel automatically triggers a transfer to your CleverReach recipient list.

Benefits and Features

Let Zapier transfer your contacts from your Google Sheets or Excel sheet, Shopify database or WooCommerce customer list into your CleverReach recipient list – completely automated.

With the Zapier-CleverReach interface you determine not only which applications are connected, but also which data is transferred on the desired connection. The connection together with the data transfer is a so-called “Zap”. That’s how you easily set up your own Zaps and use them to create individual workflows tailored exactly to your needs.

For example, synchronize this kind of data from your business applications with CleverReach:

  • Newsletter subscriptions and unsubscribes
  • First name, last name, interests, gender, age, birthday, address details…
  • for shops: purchased products, revenue, frequency of purchases, average shopping cart, order number, product number, product name, price, currency, quantity, product details such as image, text, price, size, materials…
  • for CRM: customer inquiries, previous contact events, interest in services/products, hobbies
  • It’s email marketing made easier

Use valuable data to create personal emails your customers really want. Benefit from more opens, more clicks and more conversions! This is your key to more revenue – Profit. Profit. Profit.

The CleverReach Zap for Zapier uses the latest API technology and thus offers you all optimizations and additions to the latest CleverReach REST API version.

Here’s an overview of all new features of the new Zap:

  • Improve stability and performance using the latest CleverReach API technology
  • Optimizations and additions of the following actions:
    • Add Order Item, Add/Update Subscriber and Unsubscribe Email
    • Even larger selection of data fields
    • Transfer of Tags

How to connect the CleverReach email marketing tool with 1000+ business applications with Zapier

You want a connection between your business application and CleverReach and there is no predesigned integration solution yet? Just create your connection yourself. Go to your Zapier account and select CleverReach from the list of applications and then the one that has the data you want to transfer to your CleverReach recipient list. Zapier will ask you about the direction the data transfer should take place.

Click on “Use This Zap“ to create the corresponding Zap. During the configuration, you determine which information the source app sends to the target app (e. g. by clicking on “Add Order Item“). There are 18 possible data fields to choose from, which you can then use for your email marketing.

After having granted Zapier access to CleverReach as well as the app you want to connect, specify the corresponding source and target folders for the data to be transferred in both applications. Now you’re ready to get started with your automated workflow – and your successful CleverReach newsletter marketing.

Prefab Zaps for CleverReach

Looking for a CleverReach zap? Then simply create the CleverReach app you need here:  Zapier connects CleverReach to all the software you rely on

  • Automate repetitive tasks without writing code.
  • Build custom workflows to save time.
  • Connect 4,000+ apps you already use.
  • Free forever for core features. 14-day free trial for premium features.

There are already prefab Zaps for the CleverReach newsletter tool. These are some of the already created zaps with application-specific, distinct functions:

TIP: As you can see, for some links there are similar but not identical Zaps, for example for the transfer of address data from Google Contacts to the CleverReach newsletter tool. To ensure that the desired work step is actually executed, please read through the description of the function of the respective Zaps.

About Zapier

Zapier is a cloud-based integration platform. Zapier considerably simplifies the data transfer from two or more systems, by automating recurring, time-consuming or manual work steps with the help of simple links, and by making apps automatically exchange data.

Zapier supports more than 1000 popular business applications from various areas, all of which can be linked together. Zapier has its own interface for each of these applications.

Thanks to the corresponding zap, it is sufficient to create an address only once in a CRM or a simple Excel list in order to automatically transfer this address to your CleverReach® recipient list.

To set up the necessary Zap, you don’t have to be a coder, with just a few clicks you can create your very own Zap – just the way you need it.