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Jacqueline Schwestka
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tt-consulting Case Study

Strategic newsletters and email marketing campaigns

tt-consulting was looking for an email marketing tool that could send emails fast without ending up in the spam folder. We achieved our goal thanks to the whitelisted servers of CleverReach!

Hannes Illmer, CEO tt-Consulting


Integrating an email marketing tool that allows you to manage the newsletter campaigns of different customers simultaneously.


After the implementation, employees have been trained within just a few hours to create newsletters and automation workflows completely on their own, even in the HTML editor.


  • 25.000.000 sent newsletters
  • 70% opened newsletters
  • 95% customer satisfaction due to email marketing campaigns

The constant expansion of the tourism and catering market has led to a consequent need for companies to expand their business, particularly in digital terms: in this regard, a tool that has proved increasingly indispensable is the newsletter.

tt-consulting chose CleverReach not only because of its usability and accessibility, but especially for its wide range of features: CleverReach integrates an advanced newsletter editor - which allows changes even at HTML level - provides responsive templates, A/B Testing, email automation and comprehensive performance reports.

Implementation of a newsletter to increase turnover

The challenge

tt-consulting had the simple but fundamental need to expand its range of strategic consulting activities.

Their customers asked to implement a newsletter to increase sales: this is the reason why tt-consulting, in order to respond to the needs of their customers immediately and in a targeted way, started looking for an email marketing tool which would allow them to manage the huge amount of accounts and email contacts and that would not let their emails end up in the spam folder (in 2013, tt-consulting managed more than 115,000 email contacts).

The solution

After an extensive market analysis, tt-consulting settled on CleverReach as their newsletter and email marketing tool because “it had the best value for money and is very easy to use”. Also, thanks to the whitelisted servers deriving from the CSA (Certified Senders Alliance) membership, emails directly go to recipients’ inboxes without ending up as spam, which has increased the clients’ booking performance.

After the implementation, the employees were capable of creating newsletters and automation workflows on their own after only a few hours of training.

The result

tt-consulting has been using CleverReach for almost 6 years, using in particular the features of the multi-account solution which allows to manage different sub-accounts using only one login. Nowadays tt-consulting manages more than 100 sub-accounts which saves time and energy that can be used for the other marketing activities of their customers.

CleverReach has been the perfect solution to meet our clients’ needs: we implemented a fast, extensive, and targeted email marketing campaign.

This has allowed us to expand our marketing management activities for our clients and to increase their turnover with customized processes.”

Hannes Illmer, CEO tt-consulting

Branch: Tourism (Agency) / System: Typo3

About tt-consulting

tt-consulting – formerly known as Tourismus Team – is a consulting Horeca agency founded in Merano in 2000. Among the many activities carried out, TT-Consulting is responsible for the marketing and management of tourist facilities, the hotel industry, catering and all companies related to these areas. Originally only focused on South Tyrol, it has expanded beyond the borders of the Alps over the years, doing projects outside of Italy. In 2013, the constant commitment to the search for new opportunities leads tt-consulting to expand the web department and to start a partnership with CleverReach, a leading company in the email marketing sector. CleverReach has been the ideal solution for all communication activities, because it has simplified and speeded the process of creating newsletters, an increasingly demanded feature by tt-consulting’s clients.