Connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 with CleverReach

Connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 with CleverReach: Use the email marketing integration solutions from our partners

With the CleverReach newsletter plugin for Microsoft Dynamics 365 you connect your Microsoft Dynamics CRM application with CleverReach's professional email marketing tool. Using this interface, marketing lists can be automatically transferred to CleverReach and then used to create email marketing campaigns. This means you can plan the usual efficient email campaigns without the time-consuming manual transfer of email addresses and benefit from all the advantages of CleverReach's professional shipping solution.

The following partners offer a CleverReach integration solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • datom
  • isLOGIC AG

Developer: datom

The “CleverReach Connector” integration solution from datom GmbH connects our CleverReach email marketing tool directly with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Create professional newsletters and send your customers the latest updates, events and offers fully automatically.

The connector is only available in the cloud.

The benefits and features

With the CleverReach Connector, the CleverReach integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 from datom GmbH, you can connect your Microsoft CRM with the professional email marketing tool from CleverReach®. The CleverReach integration for Microsoft Dynamics is bidirectional: Through the connection, your customer data is automatically transferred to CleverReach.

A Power Automation Flow transmits bounces, clicks, and open events as campaign responses back to Dynamics every hour and also tracks newsletter unsubscribes. This means that all important data is continuously and automatically updated and supplemented. Synchronization not only saves valuable time; At the same time, errors that can occur with manual imports and exports are avoided.

This is how you benefit from the CleverReach Connector for Dynamics from datom

  • Manual data transfer is no longer necessary
  • dynamic and static marketing lists can be transferred
  • Bounces and unsubscribes are synchronized back into Dynamics
  • fully Unified Interface compatible
  • GDPR-compliant handling, e.g. when unsubscribing from the newsletter
  • different newsletter types can be supported
  • Prevents email accounts from ending up on spam lists
  • Leveraging the latest technology through Power Automation
  • personal approach to contacts

Installation of the datom CleverReach integration for Microsoft Dynamics

You receive the CleverReach Connector via the Microsoft Appsource.

In the first step, you configure the CleverReach REST API for OAuth.
Import and configure the CleverReach Connector integration solution in Dynamics 365
Import our CleverReach synchronization flows into Power Automation
Customize the mapping for synchronization using numerous configuration parameters, such as
a) Newsletter types
b) Group prefixes
c) Deletion settings

Dynamics to CleverReach - Configuration of the datom CleverReach Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365

  1. For all leads and contacts, indicate which newsletter types they have agreed to (if nothing is specified, they will not receive a newsletter)
  2. Create a campaign, campaign activity or marketing list (either dynamic or static)
  3. Choose a newsletter type for the campaign, campaign activity, or marketing list you created
  4. Start the synchronization from the Dynamics form
  5. Any associated leads, contacts, or primary contacts from accounts for the synced campaign, campaign activity, or marketing list will be reviewed if they have opted in to this newsletter type
  6. All matching leads, contacts or primary contacts from accounts are transferred as recipients to the corresponding group in CleverReach (see field mapping below)
  7. Whenever a specific field of leads, contacts, accounts, campaigns, campaign activities or marketing lists is changed, an update occurs in CleverReach (see field mapping below CleverReach to Dynamics)

Click here for the white paper with the documentation and further information about the CleverReach Connector from datom GmbH.

If you need help with the installation, please contact the datom GmbH service team.

Developer: isLOGIC AG

The integration "CRM2CR" creates the connection between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CleverReach.

The integration enables you to automatically transfer contacts and clients from marketing lists to CleverReach. These can be used for the creation of professional email marketing campaigns. This eliminates the need for manual and error-prone exports and imports of email addresses to CleverReach.


  • Synchronization between CRM and CleverReach
  • Always up-to-date data in both systems
  • Easily import contacts from a CRM marketing list to CleverReach
  • transfer newly acquired mail addresses from CleverReach back to CRM (matching with existing contacts)
  • Reports (clicks, bounces and openings) can be evaluated in CRM
  • easy to use (controlled by workflows)
  • Time saving with the recurring creation of newsletters
  • Personal addressing of individual e-mail recipients

About Microsoft Dynamics 365: The all-round software solution for companies

Microsoft Dynamics is Microsoft's software line for companies of all sizes. The cloud-based business application has replaced the Microsoft Business Solutions line.

The two essential components of Microsoft Dynamics are:

  • CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) for organizing customer relationships
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for organizing company resources.

In addition, additional business applications can be purchased in a modular system as required. In this way, the range of functions can be controlled and Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be adapted to a wide range of industries and company sizes. The extensions can be obtained via an app store (AppSource) and cover a wide range of business applications. These modules can be booked individually:

  • Sales
  • Marketing (plus Adobe)
  • Finance
  • Project Service Automation/Process Automation
  • Customer Service (advice/sales)
  • Operations
  • Field Services (maintenance/repair)

The advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that companies only pay for the applications they actually use. At the beginning, when the business is still small, the basic package is sufficient. As the company grows over time, the appropriate modules are gradually added: the application grows with the business.