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All newsletter KPIs at one glance: simply evaluate your success with email marketing key figures
Newsletter Reporting CleverReach

Monitor Your Success with Newsletter Reporting

Email Marketing based on numbers
Evaluate the success of your email marketing campaigns and improve your newsletters.

Newsletter KPIs at a glance
Our Newsletter Reporting shows all essential email marketing figures: open and click rates, bounces and unsubscribes.

Comprehensive Analysis
Analyze the conversion rate of your website or online shop with Google Analytics.

Why Are Reporting and Tracking Essential for Email Marketing?

It's simple: The evaluation of your newsletter campaigns tells you how successful your newsletter was. This allows you to draw conclusions about what goes down well - and what you can do even better in the next newsletter.

Where Can I Find the Reports of My Newsletter Campaigns?

You can find your newsletter statistics in the Reports area. To access your reports, log in to your CleverReach account where you end up on your dashboard. Navigate to "Reports & Analysis" to view the reports for your email campaigns.

What Kpis Are Listed in My Newsletter Reporting?

Our Newsletter Reports show the most relevant key figures in email marketing:

  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Bounces and
  • Unsubscribes.

All these metrics tell you how successful your newsletter has performed - but the measurability of email marketing doesn't end with your email. With the help of additional tracking options, you can also learn about the behavior of your newsletter recipients after they click on a link that leads them to your website or your online store.

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1. Our Standard Reporting and Tracking Features

Newsletter Reporting Features CleverReach

These reporting and tracking features are available to evaluate your CleverReach newsletter campaigns:

Open rates

The open rate distinguishes between "single" and "all opens": "Single opens" indicates how many recipients opened the email, while "all opens" also counts multiple opens. The open rate itself is calculated as the ratio of single opens to the total number of emails sent.

Click rates

With the click rate, literally every click counts: A distinction is made between "individual" (how many individual recipients clicked) and "all clicks" (also shows multiple clicks). Only external links are counted, not links to internal system pages (e.g. online view, unsubscribe link, link to forms).

Both allow you to assess the quality of the subject matter and newsletter content based on user behavior. High open rates indicate a good topic, high click rates indicate good content. The quality indicator in the form of our 5-star rating allows you to see at a glance how well your newsletter is received by your customers.


An unsubscribe link is added to each newsletter, allowing recipients to easily unsubscribe. This unsubscribe rate is shown separately in the report of your email.

Bounce rate

Bounces are email addresses for which newsletter delivery is not possible. Soft bounces can only be temporarily undeliverable, while hard bounces cannot be delivered at all. Soft bounces occur, for example, when the recipient's mailbox is full, while hard bounces occur when the email address no longer exists or the server blocks the email. The bounce rate in email marketing should be as low as possible.

Geo and email client analysis

This analysis also includes information about the devices being used (such as PCs, mobile phones, and tablets). Our visual geo-tracking shows how opens are distributed regionally.

2. Advanced Features: Conversion Tracking with Google Analytics

Newsletter Reporting Advanced Features CleverReach

Conversion Tracking shows whether your email has reached its goal - e.g. increasing turnover in your online shop. The click rate has already told you how many of your subscribers clicked on your link, but it only gets really exciting when matching these clicks to the user behavior after the click. Activities or conversions could be

  • purchases
  • subscriptions
  • downloads
  • and more.

A failed conversion or abandoned shopping cart also provide important clues about your email marketing campaigns.

To track conversions, you need an additional tool. The most popular is Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, you can find out if and what action a user took on your homepage that leads back to your newsletter. To do this, the link in your newsletter that sent the recipient to your homepage is converted into a tracking link by adding parameters for Google Analytics to your links in your email.

When a recipient clicks on a tracking link, it is recorded and counted. This allows you to determine the success of your newsletter based on clear metrics - such as sales. This allows you to create an accurate sales analysis of your campaign. With the help of conversion tracking with Google Analytics, you can create a sales analysis of your campaign.

3. Find Out More with the Google Analytics

Conversion Tracking With Google Analytics CleverReach

With Google Analytics, you can track user behavior on your website far beyond just click tracking. You cannot only track conversions, but also make other connections between opening an email and user behavior on your website.

This allows you to answer questions beyond the basic open and click-through rate information:

  • Did my recipients place an order after opening my email?
  • Do my newsletter recipients use m website or app - even if they don't click?
  • Are there recipients who open my email but don't visit my website?

All of this information helps you learn more about your newsletter recipients and gives you valuable insight into what they want. For example, if the click-through rate is high but the conversion rate is not, your newsletter content may be appealing but the offer on the home page is not. The user may also be redirected to the wrong page, landing on the homepage instead of the advertised product.

So take a good look at your click performance and optimize your success!

4. IntelliAd-Tracking

Conversion Tracking With Google Analytics  How To Set Up CleverReach

The IntelliAd Performance Marketing Platform is software that helps to track marketing activities across all channels. This includes not only online channels such as affiliate, display and social media ads, but also offline touchpoints such as TV and POS campaigns. With CleverReach, the important "newsletter" area can also be integrated into your IntelliAd tracking.

How to set up a newsletter channel in IntelliAd:

  • Navigate to Channels and click "Add Channel or API Account". Select CleverReach in the Newsletter section.
  • After the confirmation, first copy the tracking ID string to the clipboard and then save it in your CleverReach account under [Account] > [Tools] > [Integration] > [IntelliAd] > [Create new connection]. You can find more details in the Help Center in the article "IntelliAd integration".
  • Now, every click on a newsletter is captured and fed into IntelliAd Tracking along with the positions and KPIs of other marketing channels.