Case Study: Email Marketing as the Channel for a Successful Online Shop in Craft Trade

Jacqueline Schwestka
ppa // Senior PR-Consultant

The company Handlauf-Meyer was faced with the challenge of being able to offer individualized products online at a calculable price with a standardized working method at the launch of their Shopware online shop. The agency Web-Brüder supported Handlauf-Meyer in developing a solution for their challenge and implemented a successful communication strategy with the CleverReach newsletter tool.

The challenge has been relaunched as a shop at the beginning of 2019. Hand-crafted products (especially high-quality, handmade products) come at a price. Therefore, the challenge was on the one hand to address those customer groups who are looking for exactly these high-quality products and on the other hand to ensure to reach these customer groups with manageable advertising costs in order to keep an attractive final price in the online shop.

Meyer-Grave now wanted to offer individualized products online at a calculable price using a standardized working method and at the same time generate demand beyond the usual demand for stair railings.

The solution

Part of the resulting strategy was to build a network of carpenters who wanted to outsource this need for individualized stair railings or handrails and who already count the targeted customer groups among their customers. Via the online shop, joineries can now quickly and easily configure and order the desired products for their customers. This network was finally established by sending newsletters with the help of the CleverReach newsletter tool.

Via CleverReach, the existing email addresses of the numerous partner joineries were now used to advertise this sales program, which was individually tailored to joineries. Meyer & Grave had collected the addresses in advance at various seminars and meetings in accordance with the GDPR.

The result

After sending their newsletter via CleverReach to approx. 950 recipients, and achieving more than 35% percent openings and more than 10% clicks and subsequent conversations, more than 20 partner joineries were enthusiastic about the program – and the number is growing. This successful model results in a valuable case for Meyer-Grave, which highlights the benefits of the cooperation between joineries, underlines the new online shop as a user-friendly platform and has already brought other product groups into focus. In other words, the communication via newsletter comes to the fore and solves the challenge of Meyer-Grave.

"Newsletter marketing via CleverReach was a cost-effective and effective channel for our partner on the way to a successful online shop."

Thorsten Meyer, CEO Web-Brüder

An outlook

After the successful implementation of the first product division, Meyer&Grave and its partner Web-Brüder are already planning a similar business model for further product divisions. At the same time, the optimization of address acquisition within the shop is moving more into focus.

Branch: Craft Trade / System: Shopware Onlineshop

About Handlauf-Meyer

Handlauf-Meyer is a private brand of the joinery Meyer-Grave. The company Meyer-Grave is specialized in the development and the construction of high-quality staircases both for the domestic house builder, and luxury buildings such as luxury yachts. In the course of digitization, Handlauf-Meyer now concentrates – with their Shopware-based online shop – on direct online selling of stair railings and/or wood handrails.

About Web-Brüder

At Web Brüder, we ensure the development, ongoing optimization and revenue generation of your online store while giving you full control over its direction. We often hear the question “How do I manage to sell successfully online in the long run?” Thanks to more than 5 years of experience as an independent online retailer, we have exactly the answers and the right tools to implement just the right measures. Therefore, we create and optimize your shop together with you, as if it were our own. And we do this on an ongoing basis on the basis of a fixed and above all performance-related remuneration – without annoying billing per hour.