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Integrations Partner Program for Developers

Create developer account, develop integration – and/or become integration partner

  • Developer-Account
  • Integration Certification
  • Commission Options
CleverReach Integrations-Partner-Programm für Entwickler


Want to develop a CleverReach app and need a developer account to connect your app?

Looking for REST API documentation, webhooks and API use cases? Continue reading

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Become an Integration Partner

You have developed a CleverReach integration and want to make it available to other customers?

You’re a specialist in app developing and want to be listed as an integration partner?

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Create CleverReach Developer Account Now

Create a free developer account, develop a CleverReach integration and publish your newsletter app for all customers.

Use our universal interface (REST API) to connect our CleverReach newsletter tool with your business solution – and become a CleverReach integration partner!

Here’s how to do it:

Sign up as Developer

Create a free CleverReach developer account and sign up for a sandbox access. There aren’t any risks: unsubscribe at any time, no payment details required.

API Documentation

Our universal interface allows you to integrate our email marketing software into any system. You want extensive details on the latest CleverReach REST API version including all changelogs?

Click here for API Documentation

Become an Integration Partner

You have developed a CleverReach email marketing integration for a business solution? Become our integration partner and share your plugin with our 370.000 customers

Become Integration Partner

Get Access to Developer Sandbox in Just a Few Steps, Discover API and Get Started

1. Create free CleverReach account or log into existing account

Start by creating a free CleverReach developer account, activate REST API access and confirm “User is developer” – or log into your existing account.

As a developer you get an email test quota and all features for free.

  • Unsubscribe at any time
  • No payment details required

Test quota includes:

  • Developer Sandbox plan with Flex plan 500 emails available for unlimited amount of time
  • All features available
  • Using our REST API
  • Unlimited API calls

2. Discover REST API Documentation, Webhooks and API Use Cases

Get an overview of all essential topics concerning app developing:

  • How to create the OAuth App
  • All kinds of calls
  • How to use webhooks
  • Practical examples for developing your app


3. Create OAuth App

Create your own OAuth app to generate a REST API token. Click here for further instructions You need the developer account for creating the OAuth app.

Log in and create OAuth app

4. Develop

Create your CleverReach integration for your app.

Reach 370.000 potential customers

Become a CleverReach integration partner!

Benefit From Becoming a CleverReach Integration Partner

How to become an integration partner

Everyone who has developed an integration between our email marketing tool and a business app can become an integration partner.

  • Are you an app developer?
  • Are you working for a software company?
  • Are you working for a company not working with standard solutions?

No matter, why you have developed a CleverReach app – let us and our customers share! We offer our integration partners commissions based on sales for new acquired customers that are ending up in one of our paid plans via your integration(s).
Thus, your work pays off twice!

Your advantages as a CleverReach Integration Partner

Benefit 1 – Your App is Listed on Our Integrations Page

We list your integration on our own page as an official CleverReach integration. This makes your app visible to more than 370.000 CleverReach customers.

Benefit 2 – Commission Based on Sales for New Acquired Customers

You receive commission payments for all new customers ending up in a paid CleverReach plan via your integration.

Benefit 3 – You’ll Become a Certified Partner (Partner Badge)

Use your certification as a trust seal and award to attract new customers!

Benefit 4 – You’re Listed on Our Partner Page

We present you as a preferred developing partner. That’s how companies looking for a partner to implement an integration become aware of you. Many companies don’t work with standard solutions and need customized solutions. Use this great potential for your business!

Benefit 5 – Stay Up-To-Date with Your Latest Sales Status

Get Reporting insights on connected accounts and generated sales.

Become Integration Partner now

CleverReach Integrations-Partner werden

How to Become a CleverReach Integration Partner

  1. Your app is developed and tested.
  2. You’ll have us certify the integration. Simply click on the certification button (for the created OAuth app).
  3. Your app as at least 20 active users.
  4. Fill in our data sheet ( for your app. We need the details for officially listing you on our integrations page.
  5. Upon successful verification, your app will be listed with our integrations and your landing page will be linked for download.

Maintenance & support are provided by the plugin developer.

CleverReach Integrations-Partner-Programm: Newsletter.Integrationen

Discover, What Others Have Developed

Get inspired by more than 110 CleverReach integrations that we or our partners have already developed.

Online shop, CRM, CMS or other business applications: email marketing always is a good idea! And with an integration between our newsletter tool and your business solution your valuable data are seamlessly connected with our tool.

Take a look at our integration solutions and get to know our diverse collection of practical plugins!