Double-Opt-In Signup Forms for Your Emails

Be on the safe side with the CleverReach newsletter signup forms for collecting new subscribers
Double Opt in Signup Forms for Newsletters CleverReach

Generate newsletter recipients

Double-opt-in (DOI) sign-up forms ensure that all your addresses are added to your mailing list in a legally compliant manner.

Easy setup
Create and configure your DOI sign-up forms easily and individually tailored to your business.

Forms for your website
Implement a responsive sign-up form on your homepage and watch your recipient list grow.

The GDPR-compliant way to generate newsletter recipients

What are double opt-in registration forms?

The double opt-in procedure (short form: DOI) is set for all registration forms provided by CleverReach. This is to ensure that you use a legally compliant way to collect newsletter registrations. "Double opt-in" really means that recipients confirm their newsletter registration twice. Filling out your registration form is the first confirmation. After this, a confirmation mail is being sent to this person. The actual registration for your newsletter takes place only after clicking on the confirmation link in this mail. This double authentication process is supposed to prevent third parties from adding someone to a recipient list unknowingly, and is also required by law in Germany and the EU.

When using CleverReach, you benefit from free and responsive DOI subscription forms that guarantee legal certainty for you and your customers.

How to create your first subscription form

  • Log in and go to the "Forms" field
  • Click on "Add form"
  • Enter the name of the new form
  • Specify the recipient group to which the new subscribers should be added

Please note that a form can only be assigned to one group. Visit our support center for more in-depth information about forms.

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1. Create Your Own Newsletter Signup Form

Double Opt in Signup Forms for Newsletters Create your own CleverReach

Signup form, confirmation email and confirmation link – sounds like an awful lot of work. But creating CleverReach Double-Opt-In signup forms is incredibly easy. You don’t need any programming skills for integrating it on your website. Your email address and other contact details are automatically added to your DOI signup form.
When a customer subscribes to your newsletter via your Double-Opt-In form, they automatically receive an email with a confirmation link via our CleverReach servers. Only after they click on the confirmation link are they added to your recipient list.

How to create legally compliant signup and unsubscribe forms for your newsletter:

  • Create your personal signup and unsubscribe forms with our forms feature. A form is divided into subscription and unsubscribe.
  • Adjust the design (colors and fonts) and content of your form to the layout of your website.
  • The first step is the configuration of a confirmation email.
  • Double-Opt-In is standard for all signup forms, as this is required by law.
  • Unsubscribe forms offer different Opt-Out options (more on that on „Automatic Unsubscribe Management“)
  • Embed the forms via source code or link on your website.
  • Our signup forms are responsive.

2. Configure and Design Your Signup Form

Double Opt in Signup Forms for Newsletters Configure and Design CleverReach

Configure the signup form: time for design!

Make our signup form yours. Configure the design elements to your taste and customize it to match your corporate identity. The “Design“ tab allows you to adjust the general formatting of the form.

  • Background and font color
  • Font size and other details
  • Link color
  • Responsiveness: Our signup forms are all responsive. The signup forms are all automatically adapted to the screen size of a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

These details affect all form elements, also your landing pages for signups and unsubscribes.

TIP: You have already created signup forms and inserted them on your website? “Content – Signup Form “ allows you to set already used signup forms to responsive. We recommend this for better readability. After that you need to embed the source code on your page once again.

3. Further Options for Newsletter Signup and Unsubscribe Forms

Double Opt in Signup Forms for Newsletters Further Options CleverReach

Select the form or email you want to adjust via the [Content] tab.
After clicking on the form of your choice you can find modules in the left sidebar to add to your form. Collect data like the name of your subscriber with a text field, their interests and preferences with checkboxes. Depending on the modules you use, you assign data fields to your recipient list. Find more on using data fields in our help center post „Using Data Fields in Recipient Lists “.

Add these modules to your forms:

  • Text fields
  • Multiple Choice
  • Checkboxes
  • Drop-down menu
  • Date and phone fields
  • a reCAPTCHA security element
  • Social Media Elements

You have embedded all the modules you like? Configure your signup form:
Settings: Adjust the general settings.

You’re done with your signup form? Then continue with the last tab:
Source code/Distribution: The last step is to check your responsive form in the preview. Is everything as you want it to be? Then simply copy the source code and insert it into your website.

Additional Notes on Forms (not on subscriptions in general):
You can also use the form feature to add your own text for landing pages and emails. Browse „Editing signup and unsubscribe texts “ for more info.
The unsubscribe form doesn’t only allow you to edit the text, but also determine the type of unsubscribe (Single-Opt-Out or Direct-Opt-Out).
You can also use your very own unsubscribe types. In this case, however, there’s no automatic unsubscribe management , and you are responsible for the data synchronization.

Please note: If a recipient unsubscribes from your newsletter via your own unsubscribe option, this detail needs to be transferred to the CleverReach database. Otherwise, the recipients would continue receiving your newsletter although they have already unsubscribed.

4. Newsletter Subscription Directly on Your Website

Double Opt in Signup Forms for Newsletters Website CleverReach
  • Responsive signup forms on your website grow your recipient list almost automatically – and you can be sure your list only contains contacts who have (double-)confirmed their newsletter subscription.
  • Smooth newsletter subscription directly on your website!
  • Double-Opt-In ensures that all new addresses are added to your list in a legally compliant way.
  • Legal newsletter subscriptions keep your bounce and unsubscribe rates low.
  • Responsive forms optimize the readability on every device and make it even easier to smoothly fill them in and submit them

5. Why Double-Opt-In Signup Forms?

Double Opt in Signup Forms for Newsletters Why CleverReach

To send advertising emails, you need the permission of your recipients. Otherwise, the sender could receive warnings and has to pay fines. The free CleverReach Double Opt-In signup forms ensure that only recipients who explicitly want to receive your newsletter receive it.

Our free and responsive CleverReach Double-Opt-In signup forms guarantee recipient lists that are created in a legally compliant and simple way.

Please note: CleverReach doesn’t offer a DOI recipient import, as this is legally impermissible.

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