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The CleverReach Affiliate Program: Promote our CleverReach Email Marketing Software

You are already an affiliate professional or would like to become an affiliate professional? We would be happy to tell you why it is worthwhile to promote CleverReach's email marketing software as a CleverFiliate.

Read how you can earn not only more, but also sustainable money as a publisher with CleverReach's affiliate program and what makes our affiliate program so attractive.

Top 5 reasons to join as a CleverFiliate!

  • Lifetime commission payout
  • Cookieless tracking on request
  • 60 days cookie runtime
  • Deeplinks through deeplink generator
  • Up to 30 % commission (highest payment on the market)

What makes our affiliate program so attractive?

As an affiliate, you promote a well-known and successful email marketing software with the highest security as well as privacy standards that anyone can use. Simply because it is easy to understand and simple to use. No download required, just sign up and go. This gives you as a publisher a large target group! With our affiliate program, you as CleverFiliate also work with a proven and particularly reliable software made in Germany.

Further plus points that will inspire you as a CleverFiliate

As a CleverFiliate you receive commission payments with a lifetime term (Liftetime commission payment). The term is valid as long as the new customer you recruited generates sales at CleverReach. As soon as this customer books an upgrade to a higher rate, your commission will also increase - automatically. Special agreements remain unaffected.

Our CleverFiliates receive a monthly credit from a commission amount of 100 €. Of course, detailed statistics always help you to keep track of your earnings and guarantee you prompt payment.

As a publisher, it also pays to recruit new affiliates. Because with our multilevel model, you generate additional revenue along the way. How? It's simple: You profit from the success of the affiliate you recruit. And this as long as the affiliate is active as a CleverFiliate. If his success increases, your commission increases automatically.

Why it pays to promote CleverReach

More than 370.000 customers already use and communicate successfully with CleverReach. And for good reason. With e-mails, you can reach people more directly and specifically than with any other channel. The return on investment (ROI) is particularly high with email marketing.

The potential behind our affiliate program is therefore gigantic and our product highly sought after. As a publisher, you are promoting a product that will always be attractive and in demand.

Your success story as a CleverFiliate could look like this

The more successful you are as an affiliate, the higher your commission rate will be. How? Thanks to our clever remuneration model (multi-level system). Every new CleverReach customer you refer who books a paid plan based on your recommendation earns you money. And not just once, but for as long as he is a paying customer with us. As soon as this customer books an upgrade to a higher rate, your commission as a publisher also increases. Use our CleverCalculator and see what is possible

Our CleverCalculator for you

To give you a better idea of your annual commission, we have set up a CleverCalculator that shows the different commission levels of our remuneration system. With this, you can now easily calculate your potential commission. Simply select the number of your potential new customers and their average shopping cart value and the CleverCalculator will display your annual commission amount.

Example: You have acquired 55 new payment customers for CleverReach. This makes you a Silver Partner and you receive 20% commission. For example, each of your new customers has an average shopping cart value of 90 €. So within one year you would receive a commission of 11.880 €.

55 paying customers x 90 € average shopping cart value = 4.950 € x 20 % commission = 990 € commission / month x 12 months = 11.880 € commission / year

  • Clever Partner

    10 % commission
  • 55
    Client ID
  • 90
    € Ø shopping cart per month
  •  €
    Commission per year

How to join our affiliate program

To participate in our affiliate program, you only need a free access to our portal. Simply register and you can get started as a publisher or CleverFiliate.

In our portal you will find your personal affiliate link as well as various professionally produced marketing tools such as banners, coupon codes and email signatures. Your personal affiliate badge identifies you as an official CleverFiliate and also shows your status. Additionally, you have access to extensive statistics in your account.

Start now with our affiliate program and become part of a success story that moves people to communicate successfully.

Become a CleverFiliate!

With our affiliate marketing software, you are relying on a stable, proven and particularly reliable solution.

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