The Newsletter Editor – Intuitive Start via Drag & Drop

Inserting Images, Texts and Buttons in Your Newsletter via Drag & Drop
Newsletter Editor CleverReach

Create newsletters easily with CleverReach

Intuitive drag & drop principle
Create your newsletter easily and clearly.

Easier than an HTML editor
No programming knowledge necessary

Infinite design possibilities
Design your newsletters individually tailored to your company.

Free to use
With CleverReach you enjoy maximum flexibility without risk.

See at a glance how your newsletter will look like.

Create effective email campaigns with our intuitive newsletter editor

The CleverReach Newsletter Editor is a free software to create and design professional email newsletters. Our Newsletter Editor is incredibly easy to use. Simply create your emails via drag & drop. 

  • Create professional email marketing campaigns without any extensive training 
  • No coding skills required for our newsletter editor software 
  • You know how to use Word? Then you know how to use CleverReach! 
  • Modularity: Select content elements, then place, adjust and move them around 
  • Fine tuning as if you were working with an HTML-Editor – but all without codes 

Let’s get started! Create beautiful email campaigns with our intuitive Newsletter Editor – if any questions occur you can find the answers in our help center in the “Newsletter Editor“ section. You already know of the importance of email marketing campaigns. To always make your newsletters go down well with your recipients you should strive to make your email campaign as successful as possible:

The CleverReach Newsletter Editor is an incredibly handy tool to help you create individual newsletters. Optimize your email with our Newsletter Editor software:

  • Appealing design: insert images and structure your newsletter
  • Readability: vary with font sizes, types and colors
  • Consistency: use CI elements like logos and colors for a homogenous brand identity
  • Click rate: insert eye-catching call-to-action buttons
  • … and discover a lot more in our mail editor

Start now with CleverReach!

Specialized in target group-oriented marketing campaigns, our email marketing software effectively supports you in the successful implementation of email marketing campaigns. Manage up to 250 recipients and send up to 1,000 emails per month for free!

1. Get started with the online Newsletter Editor – no download required

Newsletter Editor CleverReach Get Started

Email creation made simple? No problem – with the CleverReach drag & drop editor! Simply sign up and get started:  

  • Newsletter Editor Software: no download or setup required 
  • Simply use our tool online 
  • Save valuable time by quickly and easily creating and editing your email in our Newsletter Editor 
  • Directly get started in CleverReach 
  • our Newsletter-Editor is free of charge 
  • send out emails without any contractual obligations 
  • You only need a working internet connection to create and send your newsletter 
  • No local storage space for your newsletter archive required, all your emails are directly saved in your account at CleverReach 
  • Maximum flexibility: change elements of your email at any time, insert more images or move content blocks around until your newsletter looks exactly the way you want it to

Simply give our Newsletter-Editor a try:

  • Up to 250 recipients
  • Up to 1,000 emails per month for free! 
  • Free trial month for new customers 
  • The right price plan for everyone! 

Stay flexible: switch to another price plan or cancel your current one whenever you like.

2. Creating HTML Newsletters with our Drag&Drop Editor

Newsletter Editor CleverReach: Creating HTML Newsletters

The CleverReach Newsletter Editor offers a maximum of individual design options for your email campaigns. Our default editor for designing your email is our drag & drop editor. It allows you to create newsletters on an HTML basis. Our Drag & Drop Newsletter-Editor is a so-called “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editor.  You see your email exactly how it is sent out to your recipients. Our professional software allows you to drag & drop predesigned elements where you want them with just a few clicks. 

How does the drag & drop editor work?

  • Select a newsletter element from the toolbar on the right side of the editor, by clicking on it. 
  • Drag the element to the right spot in your newsletters.  
  • Drop your content element there. 
  • Make adjustments to your element, e.g. by entering text or changing the image size. 

3. Intuitive Handling of the Email Newsletter Editor

Newsletter Editor Intuitive Handling CleverReach

Use one of our free email templates as a basis for your newsletter. Adjust and design the template according to your wishes. You have placed predesigned content elements such as  

  • images and charts
  • text blocks
  • links
  • buttons
  • personalization placeholders
  • dynamic elements and  
  • so much more 

where you want them to be in your newsletter. You now have the basis of your newsletter. You can drag & drop an element to your email a soften as you like, move it around or delete it. This leaves you with various options to make your newsletter as unique, beautiful and professional as possible. There are no limits to your imagination. Directly edit the different elements in our visual drag & drop editor.  

Optimize your newsletter until it 100% meets your expectations. You can find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create a newsletter – from setting it up to creating and sending your newsletter campaign – in our help center post “Newsletter Editor: Create New HTML Email” .

4. Adjusting Details like in an HTML Editor

Newsletter Editor Adjusting Details CleverReach

Define accurate settings – without switching to an HTML editor or buying special HTML newsletter software. Creating professional newsletters doesn’t have to be complicated! Our Newsletter Editor offers extensive design options – there are no limits to the design of your newsletter. At the same time it’s incredibly easy and intuitive to handle. 

Transfer your corporate identity one-to-one to your newsletter design without the need for programming skills and lengthy training sessions. Individualize

  • Colors 
  • Font
  • Font size
  • Element positions 
  • Image sizes 

Also take a look at our help center post “Newsletter Editor: How to Change the Font Type, Color and Size“. You can also use your own colors and color schemes in our Newsletter Editor – for a consistent look. You already have your own HTML email template? Great, you can also use them in our Newsletter Editor. For more info browse our help center post “Newsletter Editor: Uploading Your Own HTML Email Template” . 

How to do it: 

Define your newsletter design across the board by specifying it in the design bar on the right, or specify your design preferences for each newsletter element individually by clicking on the respective element and making your specifications in the respective menu bar. Take a look at “Newsletter Editor: Meaning of Buttons in the Orange Elements Frame”. 

  • Define the colors for texts, buttons or backgrounds using the color palette  
  • Enter headlines  
  • Insert placeholders for personalization  
  • Align images with pixel accuracy  
  • Link images and text blocks  

In a nutshell: CleverReach makes creating HTML newsletters possible – without needing any HTML coding skills!

5. Drag & Drop, HTML- or Source Code Editor?

Newsletter Editor Drag and Drop CleverReach

The screenshot shows the source code of a newsletter.  The CleverReach Newsletter Editor offers various options to create unique, individual and professional emails. Our drag & drop editor offers all the design options of an HTML newsletter editor and thus enables uncomplicated successful email marketing. 

In addition to the Drag & Drop Newsletter Editor CleverReach offers a Source Code Editor as well as the option to edit email in HTML format. You can also edit the text version of your newsletter. For more details read through “Newsletter Editor: Edit Text Version“. 

In the Source Code Editor, newsletter editing is done exclusively by means of source code. Basically, WYSIWYG editors also produce source code in the background under their user interface, since the WWW is built on it. Sometimes, it can make sense to directly work with the source code. The advantage: You can define very precise layout settings. In the CleverReach Source Code Editor, the source code is clearly formatted, individual elements are marked in different colors.

Tip: We recommend our Source Code Editor to advanced and skilled users only, if they want to make special design adjustments to their template. The same applies to editing your email newsletter in HTML format. You need HTML skills for both options.  

How to you get to the HTML or Source Code Editor? Take a look at our help center post “Newsletter Editor: How Do I Switch to Another Email Editor?“. 

Please note: We offer you the possibility to directly edit the source code of your email, however, we do not offer any further support at this point.

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