Get People Back to Your Online Shop with the CleverReach Abandoned Cart Automation

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Get People Back to Your Online Shop

There are many reasons for abandoned shopping carts – an endless or complicated checkout process or hidden costs often lead to people leaving an online shop without buying anything. But what can you do, if a customer leaves your shop and a full shopping cart, although you have a perfectly optimized checkout process?

Bring long-lost customers back to your online shop – it’s incredibly easy with abandoned cart emails!

How an Abandoned Cart Can Be a Sales Booster

In eCommerce we speak of an abandoned cart when a customer has filled their cart with products in an online shop, but then leaves without buying.

This is a typical online phenomenon. Only an average of 30% of all shopping carts actually go through the complete checkout process. This means a lot of money going down the drain – but online shops have a great chance of getting it back by sending abandoned cart emails.

The abandoned cart email seems to be of interest to customers, as they achieve average open rates of 45% and click rates of 21%. With average conversion rates of nearly 11% the abandoned cart email can lead to boosting sales, so online shop operators are well-advised to consider it in their communications strategy!

Extra Tip: Simply test which time frame between leaving the shopping cart and sending the newsletter brings the best conversion rates for your online shop. By selecting an optimal time frame, you can double your conversion rate in contrast to a suboptimal time frame.

Is an Abandoned Cart Email GDPR-compliant?

As tempting as potentially boosting sales by re-engaging abandoned cart customers sound: What does GDPR say about this?

To send your abandoned cart email, the first thing you need is the contact details (i.e. the email address) of your recipient. Theoretically, it would then be possible to send emails to every registered customer.

However, only because you have your customer’s email address, or they have purchased something in your shop doesn’t mean they want to receive your marketing emails. You could say your customers have legitimate interest in recommendations of similar products. But how exactly do you define similar products and how do you know your customers actually show legitimate interest? You, as a shop owner, would have to prove that first.

So, it’s not sufficient to only have the email address of your customer to send them an abandoned cart email. Make sure your customers have explicitly agreed on receiving your marketing emails. Already ask for this when they subscribe to your newsletter. Add a list of details to your privacy policy that states what kinds of information you want to send your email recipients. This allows you to send GDPR-compliant abandoned cart emails!

Set Up Abandoned Cart Emails in CleverReach

To cover this essential step in the customer journey, CleverReach from now on offers a new feature: The Abandoned Cart Automation!

In our Automation Center THEA you’ll now find a new trigger for your abandoned cart emails. Place it at the start of your automation workflow to have it triggered by an abandoned cart. Add your Store ID to the abandoned cart trigger to only send a newsletter to customers who have left their shopping carts.

We’ll make it easy for you: Use our pre-designed abandoned cart automation workflow (go to: multi-level workflow). It already contains the abandoned cart trigger and an email template. There’s nothing left for you to do that adding the details and activate the workflow!

The abandoned cart automation is at the moment only available to Shopify customers: In the months to come, the feature will also be made available to further CleverReach shop integrations. You can also connect your shop via REST API with CleverReach and set up your own abandoned cart automation.

Abandoned Cart Emails: Best Practice Examples

You want to create your abandoned cart email and need some inspiration? We have collected some best practice examples of what other online shops do with their abandoned cart emails:


The first example does lot of things right: The customer is addressed with their name, and they show everything that has been left in the shopping cart, including product images and descriptions. Additionally, it’s great that the transactional email has the same design as all other marketing newsletters of that online shop.

The interior shop Society6 come up trumps a different way with their abandoned cart email. As soon as a customer has left their shopping cart in the online shop, they get informed that Society6 have reserved the shopping cart content for two days in their shop. Recipients get triggered by the fear of missing out on something – they only have 48 hours to complete the checkout process. As an additional incentive, they offer a 30% coupon. They don’t even have to show what’s in the shopping cart to get the customer back to their online shop…

Adidas use some humor in their subject line and the matching body for their abandoned cart email: the “Sorry about your Wi-Fi“ in the subject line takes the weight off their customers shoulders – after all, adidas presumes their customers left their shop with no ill intent, but have simply been kicked out of their wi-fi. Also clever: Not only do they show the products in the abandoned cart newsletter, but also spice it up with positive customer reviews.

Target use their abandoned cart email to inform customers about reduced prices of their products in their shopping cart; a strong incentive to complete the purchase! And if there’s still not the right items in the cart, the newsletter shows alternative products from the shop the customer might also like or like even better.

Create Your Perfect Abandoned Cart Email!

Check off all points on your to-do list to get customers to buy what they have left in their shopping cart:

  • Address customers with their name in the subject line and email
  • Show what’s in the cart
  • Use positive customer reviews to make your products even more attractive
  • Create feelings of urgency by signaling limited availability and supply
  • Offer a coupon code to convince with extra incentives
  • Only send abandoned cart emails to newsletter subscribers

Love at Second Sight: Use Abandoned Cart Emails to Boost Your Sales!

No matter why your customer leaves their shopping cart; give them a second chance to fall in love with your products! Abandoned carts emails are the way to go. Send irresolute customers an email at the right time to bring home to them what they have left in their shopping carts. Top off your reminder with an extra incentive like a coupon code, to finally get some written off customers through the checkout process!

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