Reaching People – On Our Way to Future with a Clear Brand Essence

Mareike Juds
Head of Marketing & Communication

We take you on the exciting journey of our rebranding.

CleverReach Present Their New Look & Feel in Summer 2022

One idea, two offices, three team members – that’s how CleverReach started in 2007. A lot has been happening since then: by now we’ve become one of the leading cloud-based software providers for email marketing and are happy to join more than 310,000 customers worldwide with their email marketing success stories. Our team has experienced strong growth and we face national and international competition.

This year we look back on a proud 15 years of company history. We have taken this as an opportunity to (re)define our company core and to focus more strongly on the character of CleverReach in the course of a rebranding.

The Challenge of Rebranding

Over the past few months, we have been taking a close look at ourselves: What does CleverReach stand for and what distinguishes our company? What do we need to face the current challenges on the market and lay the foundations for our future in the midst of technological competitiveness?

The basis for a successful rebrand and the definition of a new brand essence for CleverReach were strategic objectives: We wanted a strong and unique external perception standing out from our competitors. A product and brand being internationally competitive. And the most important thing in this process: A brand showing the true core of CleverReach and making it come alive for our customers.

Our Methodology: Facts and Figures!

In search of our “Reason Why” we were looking at the current situation at CleverReach, where we see ourselves in the future and, most of all, how we want to be perceived.

In collaboration with the digital agency the peak lab. GmbH & Co. KG we got to the core of our brand through a methodical approach in the form of workshops, analyses and surveys.

We analyzed existing user and customer data, and evaluated customer feedback on our brand and product. Two surveys produced the rest of the required data and insights. We conducted one survey with longstanding partners, the other one with the most important group of people – our own team members. Especially the second survey clearly showed the values team members would identify themselves with in their daily work at CleverReach and how they want the future brand to be presented.

Our Brand Essence: Reaching People

With everything we’ve done so far and what we want to put at the heart of our new brand in the future we want to reach one goal: to reach people.

Everything we do serves to reach as many people as possible: This applies to us at CleverReach but also to our customers.

To reach this goal we provide the simplest and most intuitive email marketing software there is.

Made by people for people.

Reaching people – for us this means reaching people on an emotional as well as technical level. Emotionally, we can reach them through a message, a product or an image. But you can also reach people on a technical level with an easy-to-use software enabling direct communication.

CleverReach makes a point of connection both worlds.

Stay Tuned: The New CleverReach Look

The big day is coming on July 1, 2022: We’ll be presenting the new CleverReach look & feel. A fresh and modern design will bring our newly defined brand essence into focus: reaching people. Our colors become stronger and more confident. Employees, customers and partner companies should have even more fun working with CleverReach. We want to inspire and connect – both in terms of content and visuals.

Stay curious – we can’t wait to welcome you to the new CleverReach look & feel. 🧡

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