Newsletters with attachments

Sending links instead of attachments increases the quality of your newsletters
Sending Email Attachments CleverReach

Attachments in the newsletter? Better not.

Caution: SPAM
Emails with attachments can be indicators of spam classification.

Negative reputation
If your newsletters end up in SPAM, your sender reputation will suffer in the long run.

Long loading time
Attachments make for a large file size in your email - and long loading times for your recipients.

Newsletter can NOT be sent with attachment?

Correct, because CleverReach does not support this due to our quality guidelines. This may be surprising at first, after all CleverReach offers you a newsletter software for your entire newsletter marketing. However, this is exactly the reason why you cannot send attachments with CleverReach:

Why can’t newsletters with attachments be sent?

We want your newsletter campaigns to be successful – attachments negatively influence the performance of your mailings.

  • Emails containing attachments are characteristic of spam emails and are likely to be sorted out by spam filters. Chances are that your newsletters may never reach your subscribers’ inboxes. They wouldn’t receive your mailings which negatively affects your reputation.
  • Attachments don’t only significantly increase the file size of your emails but also extend load times. Many subscribers won’t be patient enough to wait until everything’s loaded.
  • Opens of your newsletters are only measured once. If and how often the attachments have been opened is not ascertainable.

What is the alternative for email attachments?

The solution: Send links instead of attachments!

Save your document on your website and send the respective link with your next newsletter.

  • This will increase the delivery rates of your newsletter.
  • Clicks on the link and the number of downloads of the document will be assessed in detail in your reports. The content of the document can be edited and updated subsequently.

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