The New CleverReach Newsletter Editor: Checklist for Your Templates and Automations

Der neue Newsletter Editor von CleverReach: Checkliste

Now the time has finally come: The beta test is completed.

In autumn 2020 the beta phase for our new newsletter editor started. Since then, the editor has been constantly optimised with the help of your feedback and extended with important features. Now the time has finally come: The beta test is completed.

The new newsletter editor is thus being allocated to our users bit by bit and soon to be the standard in all CleverReach accounts. The popular classic editor is hereby replaced.

Existing customers have been able to test the new newsletter editor voluntarily since the start of the beta phase. Due to the upcoming changes, all costumers are urged to prepare their email marketing for the new newsletter editor.

What do customers need to bear in mind? To ensure that the introduction to the new editor runs as smoothly as possible for all of our longterm clients, we have compiled the following checklist for you:

Checklist: Three steps to switch to the new email editor

1. Get to know the new editor

It’s best to deal with the new email creation process and editor now. The input of campaign data and individual elements in the newsletter template work somewhat differently – and much more simply 🙂 – than the previous newsletter creation. When using the new editor for the first time, important features will be presented to you in a short product tour.  Then it’s time to try it yourself. Drag and drop different elements in one of our basic templates and try various design options.

Are there any questions left? You can find many tips and instructions for the new newsletter editor in our help center.

2. Test your current template in the editor

Check whether your current template can be edited in the new newsletter editor as usual. We recommend copying a mailing that has already been sent and opening it in the new editor. You can create the copy under “templates” in the new newsletter creation process.

Here you can test all functions in your email template to make sure that editing is possible to the usual extent. Also send out a preview email: This way you can ensure that the presentation of your newsletter is still flawless. To be on the safe side you can also use the design and spam test.

3. Convert your automation emails

Do you already use email automation? Then the newsletters they contain must be converted for the new editor. In the list of your emails, you can simply select your desired automation emails after “automation” via checkbox and set them to the new newsletter editor.

We recommend going through the process step by step to reduce impacts of possible technical template problems. To be on the safe side, create a copy of the automation workflow before converting as the conversion can not be undone.

Start by testing a short automation workflow and check whether any bugs occur in the inserted email template:

  • Are you able to edit the elements as usual?
  • Are all elements of the template displayed correctly in the preview email?
  • Is the template displayed correctly in the design and spam test?

It’s best to go through all the automations until all the workflows have been converted for the new email editor. In case you notice any technical difficulties during the conversion, please report them to our support team, stating your client ID and ideally also the template affected (name in the account or mailing ID).

And that’s it!

You’ll notice that the switch to the new newsletter editor is quite simple. It’s best to begin with the transition and plan the conversion of your mailings now.

That’s how the changeover remains relaxed: The previous classic editor will remain available as a fallback until further notice to make the transition easier. This leaves you some time to prepare all templates and automations for the use of the new editor.

Tip: In this entry you’ll find further questions and answers concerning the email creation process with the new newsletter editor.

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