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We give you some top-notch email marketing tips for your very own Christmas template.

Year by year Christmas is coming faster than you think. With a corporate blog or your own page, you can make the most of this occasion by providing your readers with helpful content for the most wonderful time of the year. To get your users in a festive mood, you should put your Christmas content in a festive email template. We give you some top-notch email marketing tips for your very own Christmas template.

You have festive content with recipes, DIY- and styling tips you want to spread before Christmas? Or are there workshops, demonstrations and open days in addition to the Christmas market and company celebrations, you want to win even more participants for by newsletter? Not only online shop operators should start early with their Christmas email campaign. Also (Corporate) bloggers, associations and non-profit organizations should already begin in November with spreading Christmas greetings by email, in order not to drown later in turbulent December.

Add a festive touch to your newsletters to match your content: The right email template makes the difference between a cookie-cutter email and a Christmas surprise! Here are some simple tips and tricks on how to make your template Christmassy with little effort:

Festive Graphics & Colors

Winterize Your Template

In general, that’s not rocket science – just make a few changes to your existing template to fit the occasion. People still recognize the design of your email, at the same time you set them in a Christmassy mood.

First step: Header image! Pictures are the fastest way to spread the Christmas spirit among your readers. If the content you advertise with your email already revolves around Christmas, it’ll certainly be easy for you to find the right header image for it.

Winter version of your logo. Additionally, you can give other elements like the background of your email template, your logo, buttons or the footer a Christmassy touch. Technically, it’s a style no-go to change your logo arbitrarily. But Christmas is an exception! A cute idea, for example, is to simply put a Santa hat on your logo, or spread a blanket of snow over the letters of your word mark.

Christmassy Background. If that’s a bit too much for you, you can simply customize your newsletter template with a suitable background graphic for the Christmas season. Take a look at this newsletter example, where the normal email is simply brought into holiday mood with Santa and some snowflakes:

Festive Color Range. What colors do you decorate your Christmas tree at home? Probably red and gold Christmas balls and tinsel. Red and gold are especially popular, warm Christmas colors that you can use perfectly for your email template. But cool colors like blue (for snow and ice) or green (fir branches and trees) can also look festive if the matching motifs are combined with them. Depending on what suits your style and color scheme, many Christmas motifs and colors can be included in the newsletter template. For example, use a contrasting color to your usual design to make your CTA button stand out, or simply paint your usual Christmas motifs in the colors of your brand.

Marks & Spencer has decided to go for CTAs phrased in a funny and Christmassy way:

Other winter elements you can add to your Christmas Template could be for example:

  • Snowflakes
  • Stars and shooting stars
  • Christmas decoration
  • Christmas trees
  • Evergreens
  • Reindeers
  • Christmas presents
  • Gingerbread men
  • Christmas cookies
  • Santa
  • Snowmen
  • Angels

Subject lines, CTA and Co – Festive Texts

A Christmas header image is a good introduction to your email. But you also have to get the text right! Even if your newsletter is first and foremost informative, your readers will enjoy a festive twist. At least it is good to mention the word “Christmas” or variations like X-Mas as a hanger in the subject line and in the body text – so the reader knows immediately that Christmassy content will await them.

Your newsletter doesn’t have a header image? Then it may be sufficient to replace “Dear” in your text with a cheerful “Ho Ho Ho”! This is also a quick introduction to the Christmas theme. And we recommend a warm tone with Christmas allusions in the continuous text.

You can also make your CTA buttons Christmassy textually. Instead of using “Read Now” or “View Post” to get readers to your page, you could, for example, add the button “To Christmas Bakery” to baking recipes, or “Get in the X-Mas Mood” to the button.

Be all set with our Christmas Templates

Pre-installed seasonal templates simplify your work – in the backend of your CleverReach account you’ll find many free templates for your Christmas email! Log in and browse our Recommendations for your Christmas Template:
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