Chill-Out Holiday Season With Email Automation – Thanks to THEA!

With our clever THEA automation, you can get into a very relaxed mood when it comes to your holiday email marketing.

We’re only a few weeks away from “Silent Night, Holy Night”, but especially online shop operators are experiencing everything but a silent holiday season. The closer Christmas time approaches, the more stressful the lives of entrepreneurs, marketers and advertisers become. Especially for those planning an email campaign for the holiday season.

Advent and Christmas are supposed to be the most contemplative time of the year.
Weeks you spend with relaxing Christmas shopping, regularly treat yourself to Christmas candy and hot mulled wine at the Christmas market, take it easy at work and spoil your dearest colleagues with homemade Christmas cookies … As if. You wish!

We  have the ideal solution for you. With our clever THEA automation, you can get into a very relaxed mood when it comes to your holiday email marketing. THEA is a gift from heaven for all those who do email marketing. Read on and find out why.

Start Your Holiday Sales – Relaxed & Completely Automated

With THEA you can easily plan automated email workflows for Christmas in advance and set them up with pre-designed newsletters. Email Automation is a bit like filling an Advent calendar. You determine weeks earlier what the Calendar contains at what date. After you have filled the Calendar, you can lean back and relax. You can still adapt your automated newsletter campaign, even after it has already started.

Of course, you can create automation workflows with THEA not only for your Christmas campaign, but also for any other newsletter campaign or seasonal occasion.

Email Automation is no longer only for pros and experts. Our THEA automation tool is suitable for beginners who easily want to create single-track or multi-level email workflows. Email Automation holds huge advantages for everyone.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use THEA for Your Holiday Email Marketing

  • Sit back and easily create your email campaign
  • Create your emails beforehand and not in the nick of time
  • Use trigger mailings that are triggered by your recipients’ behavior
  • Send automated and targeted emails by using filters
  • Automatically send follow ups to non-openers
  • Schedule all your emails and never again forget to send your email at the right time
  • After having completed all preparations for your XMAS emal campaign, you are free to plan your private holiday time

The Ultimate Email Plan For A Relaxed Holiday Season

Plan & Schedule Your Campaign On Time

You may be annoying your subscribers if you send them a daily newsletter one week before Christmas that draws attention to your products, special offers or coupons. Apart from that, most of them have probably already spent their Christmas bonus by then or have already bought all the gifts for their loved ones.

Let’s get started with our automated XMAS campaign:

You have created a CleverReach account for your email marketing and successfully logged in? Fantastic.

Select THEA in the left menu bar, click on Add Workflow and then choose the Multi-level Workflow on the right.

Click on Multi-level Workflow and get started with your automation workflow.

We have decided to select the first Sunday in Advent for our first mailing. You can of course choose whatever date you like.

Select your recipient list (green icon with several heads) and create the first newsletter for your Christmas campaign. The rest is done automatically. OK – maybe not quite.

We have planned the next email for December 6 (after 5 days).

After that we inserted the filter for openers and non-openers (orange heart icon). This allows you, for example, to send a reminder email to the non-openers three days later. This increases your opening rates and, in the best, case also your turnover.

The next image shows you the setting for the filter. If the condition “Opens Mail” is not fulfilled, the newsletter recipient automatically receives the reminder email.

Think About The Target Group Of Your Newsletter

This can change depending on the occasion and action. Should every newsletter really appeal to all subscribers? Surely it makes sense to filter for female and male subscribers and to adjust the subject line, the content of the newsletter and the product selection accordingly. This will certainly increase the opening and click rate of your newsletter

Turn Your Newsletter Subject Lines Into Bestsellers

That’s probably not new to you. Take this as a reminder that it is worth investing time, creativity and effort in the subject line of your newsletter. Creatively pack discount actions or special actions into your subject line. Especially at Christmas. And why not spice it up with a bit of humor?

5 Subject Lines to Inspire You

  1. Holly Jolly Prices. Start Christmas Time with 25% Off!
  2. Santa Hat? Get Your Own Gorgeous Hat at Santa Prices!
  3. Who Needs Christmas Cookies. Get Your 10€ Coupon!
  4. Ho-Ho-Holiday Discount! 24% Off – Only Today!
  5. It’s Snowing Christmas Prices! Fill Your Carts Now.

December 18 marks the end of our XMAS campaign, with an email for last minute shoppers. For all those who order the last pieces and gifts they need at the last moment. For a delivery of 2-3 working days the order should hopefully arrive on time.

Lie Back & Enjoy the Holiday Season

This is where your Christmas campaign ends, and you can put your legs up before the Holiday Season even starts. Look forward to your XMAS sales and above all to a peaceful Christmas time with your family or friends. Even if we end this Christmas campaign with a last-minute newsletter, we hope that you can relax and do your shopping on time.


We wish you all a relaxed Holiday Season and good luck with your XMAS email marketing!

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