WooCommerce Newsletter Plugin

Email marketing for WooCommerce with CleverReach integration

With our CleverReach email marketing plugin for your WooCommerce online store, your customer contact becomes personal! Use the extensive advantages of the newsletter plugin:

  • Benefit from the bi-directional data exchange between your WooCommerce online store and our CleverReach newsletter tool.
  • Create professional newsletters to your customers even without programming skills.
  • Send DSGVO-compliant mailings with our feature-rich and secure email marketing software.
  • Create simple or advanced automations for sale promotions, after cart abandonment or reactivation.
  • Thanks to tagging, your subscribers will receive offers tailored to their preferences.
  • Transfer product data directly from your store into your newsletter.
  • Take no risk with flexible pricing without a contract period.

Exclusively for WooCommerce customers: Secure 12 months 10% new customer price advantage on your CleverReach tariff! Simply simple: will be automatically deposited for you upon new account creation.

Important for existing customers: A new plugin version with the above mentioned features has been released. If you are already a CleverReach user of the WooCommerce integration, you will be easily migrated to the new version v3 without the need to register again. In this process, all WooCommerce customers who are subscribed to the newsletter will be transferred as active recipients; however, purchase customers or contacts will not be synchronized. You can change this at any time after the migration by enabling the synchronization of contacts or purchase customers under the "Settings" tab.

The advantages of the newsletter plugin

You have a WooCommerce online store and want to send newsletters to your customers? With the WooCommerce Newsletter Plugin from CleverReach, our email marketing tool is directly connected to your WooCommerce online store. Through this integration, all important data is continuously updated and added bi-directionally, completely automatically.

What does bi-directional synchronization mean?

It means data is synchronized in both directions - regularly and live:

If the address in the data set at CleverReach changes, this is transmitted to WooCommerce.
Unsubscribes from the newsletter are transferred from CleverReach to WooCommerce,
Activities like purchases or shopping cart abandonments in WooCommerce are transferred to CleverReach.
Here's how it starts: initial transfer and creation of your recipient list.

As part of the installation process (more on that below), an entire recipient list is automatically created with various data fields, segments, and tags. These data and tags are useful for sending personalized emails. Your customers will receive offers that are tailored to them. And you? You benefit from more opens, more clicks, and more conversions - even automatically thanks to email automation! Before the initial import of your WooCommerce data, you can decide for yourself who will be "actively" transferred:

  • newsletter recipients only, purchase customers or other contacts, or all. The records are created in CleverReach as active recipients in the "WooCommerce" group. They receive so-called "Special Tags":
  • Newsletter Recipient -> Subscriber: all people who have signed up for your newsletter.
  • Purchaser -> Buyer: All people who have bought something in your store, including guest orderers.
  • Contacts -> (Other) contacts: All people who have NOT signed up for your newsletter OR purchased something. In the end, all other people in your database.

Important: All data must have been collected according to the GDPR!

This WooCommerce data of your recipients will be transferred:

  • Newsletter signups and unsubscribes (recipients are created with corresponding newsletter status "yes" or "no").
  • Data fields: Information such as first name, last name, street, zip code, city, state/province, country, company, store, etc. will be created as data fields.
  • Also, the following order/purchase information is created as data fields in the recipient record: Last order date, number of orders, total spend across all orders.
  • Purchase information: Products, sales, order number, item number, product name, price, currency, number of orders, total spend across all orders....
  • Product information of your WooCommerce items such as image, text, price, sizes, material...
  • Product tags from WooCommerce like product category, manufacturer / brand, attributes like color etc. are passed to CR to the respective recipient record.

You can later change the settings in the plugin and set, for example, that more contacts should be synchronized. You can find detailed instructions on the new process in the Help Center post "Special tags and tag-based email creation process in our integrations".

Want to see some examples?

  • Using the "Number of orders" data field, you can filter by how many orders a customer has placed with the "Total Orders Spent" field, you can filter your customers by their revenue.
  • Use this information to target those customers who have placed more than 50 orders or spent more than 1000 Euros in your store.
  • The "last order date" can be used for email marketing automations to reactivate buyers. Other helpful features of the WooCommerce CleverReach plugin include.

Integrate content into your newsletter

  • Use product search and place your store products with image, text, price, size, material in your email. Text and dynamic content from your website can also be included in the newsletter Registration form
  • During installation, a newsletter registration form is automatically created in your CleverReach account, which you can quickly and easily integrate into your store.
  • Registration in Checkout
    • Double-In Opt In use in the checkout with a CleverReach form; this is adjustable in the tab "Settings" in the plugin. The checkbox will then be added for the user on the following pages:
      • WooCommerce Registration page,
      • WooCommerce Checkout page,
      • WooCommerce Account settings page,
      • WordPress Registration page,
      • WordPress Admin User Edit page
      • The text for the newsletter checkbox can be customized.
  • Tag based email creation process
    • Special Tags make segmentation particularly straightforward: Not only are the special tags created automatically, but you can also select them directly in the email creation process.
  • Targeted segmentation using tags
    • Use product categories, product tags, product attributes & product manufacturers as tags. Example: A customer has bought a black Adidas shoe from the shoes category. As a result, he gets the following tags:
      • WooCommerce-Category.Shoes
      • WooCommerce-Color.Black
      • WooCommerce-Manufacturer.Adidas
      • Use these tags for more targeted segmentation, i.e. targeted offers to your customers!
    • Remind shopping cart abandoners
      With the CleverReach Newsletter Plugin for WooCommerce, you can use automation to send your customers a reminder email after a shopping cart abandonment. There is a function for this that simply needs to be activated. Afterwards, all abandoned shopping carts will be displayed on an overview page in a very user-friendly way. You can find detailed instructions on our "Abandoned Cart" feature on the "Abandoned Cart E-Mail Automation" page, in the Help Center article "Contact shopping cart abandoners automatically via THEA".

The functions of the email marketing tool

Unlike a mere WooCommerce email customizer that only lets you customize the look of your WooCommerce emails, CleverReach is a complete and feature-rich newsletter software. Choose the most suitable one from a variety of free templates, use our drag & drop editor to create sales-boosting newsletters and evaluate your success with the help of CleverReach reports.

The most important functions at a glance:

  • Easily create and send email newsletters with the newsletter editor.
  •  Responsive, free templates for different industries and occasions
  • Reporting: Easily analyze success and optimize newsletters
  • DSGVO-compliant, highest security standards, email marketing made in Germany
  • Free support & free online seminars
  • Always the right tariff for everyone: customized, changeable at any time, no contract period - scales for small & large address lists, for occasional senders, frequent senders or big players

If you have questions, visit our much-used online seminars or go to our Help Center.

Valued customers buy more

Your customers

  • want to be surprised by extraordinary snacks from all over the world
  • are looking forward to being introduced to the best new products for their baby
  • hope for a good offer to finally buy a new mattress
  • are reminded in time to reorder their favorite tea

In a perfect world with CleverReach and WooCommerce, your customers are fired up for your next newsletter because they get exactly the deals you want. Then, when the buying experience turns into a buying frenzy, you know you're doing everything right. Your customer is happy, you're happy, and we're happy!

Installation / Download: Connect CleverReach and WooCommerce

CleverReach for WooCommerce newsletter plugin is set up in a few minutes, so you can start your successful newsletter marketing in no time. There are three different ways to install the CleverReach for WooCommerce newsletter module: plugin:

  • Uploading the plugin as a .zip file to WordPress.
  • Installation directly from the WordPress Marketplace
  • Manual installation

1. uploading the plugin as a .zip file in WordPress.
If you want to upload the email marketing plugin as a zip file, please contact our CleverReach service team to get the file. Contact us through our contact form or by emailing us at support@cleverreach.com. Once you receive the file, here's how to proceed:

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress account.
Step 2: Now there are two options:

  • Multisite: If you are admin of multiple WordPress sites and want to activate the plugin go to "My Sites" ->" Network Admin" -> "Plugins" and select "Add New".
  • For Singlesite WordPress installation: click on "Plugins" in the sidebar and select "Add New".

Step 3: Click on "Upload Plugin / Upload Plugin".
Step 4: Next, click on "Choose File" and then click on "Install Now".
Step 5: Last but not least, click on "Activate".
Step 6: Now you can find CleverReach Newsletter Plugin under the "WooCommerce" section in the main menu on the left side of your WordPress account: Install directly from WordPress Marketplace.

You can also get this extension directly from WordPress Plugins using the search bar.

Step 1: Log in to your account on WordPress.
Step 2: After that, the plugin will be available in the "Plugins" section. Call it up and click on "Activate". Have a multisite, go to "Network Admin", Click "Plugins" in the left side menu and select "Add New". Have a single site, just click "Plugins" in the left navigation bar and select "Add New".

Step 3: In the search box, type "cleverreach" and select our plugin for WooCommerce or click here: CleverReach Plugin for WooCommerce.
Step 4: Click on "Install Now". After a few seconds, the installation will be complete.
Step 5: Activate the extension by clicking on "Activate".
Step 6: Now you can find the plugin under the "WooCommerce" section in the left menu bar of your WordPress account.

The third option is to upload the plugin manually
Step 1: Copy the plugin source folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder of your WordPress instance.
Step 2: After that, the plugin will be available in the "Plugins" section. Call it up and click on "Activate".
Step 3: You will then find the plugin under the "WooCommerce" section in the main menu (on the left side) of your WordPress account. Update the plugin

Like all WordPress plugins, there are regular updates for CleverReach's WooCommerce email marketing plugin. Updating the plugin is quick and easy. Just follow one of the procedures above. We recommend temporarily disabling the plugin before updating.

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free online store plugin for WordPress. With more than 50 million downloads, it is the most used e-commerce system in the world; more than a third of all online stores run with it. Thanks to a large number of extensions, WooCommerce is extremely flexible and just as easy to set up as WordPress itself. This is why WooCommerce is so interesting, especially for beginners. In a WooCommerce store, not only physical goods can be sold, but also digital products such as downloads; with the help of appropriate plugins also bookings, memberships and subscriptions. Own developers and the extensive Communitiy provide always new extensions and features, so that even complex and extensive stores can be set up. In order to comply with country-specific legal regulations, there are also special plugins that can be used to adapt the respective WooCommerce store to the applicable law (for example, the German law).

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