Why corporate blogs should rather produce less content

Sabine Kowalski
Content Marketing Managerin

Less is more when it comes to content marketing.

If you own a corporate blog, you select your content carefully. However, not all blog posts are created equal. To increase the performance of your site it makes sense to get rid of mediocre posts and focus on less content with better quality. Why? Keep on reading…

Imagine that you own a restaurant. Do you offer an array of various items on your menu that just have a so-so taste? Or do you have a small selection of dishes that all taste delicious? You can apply this example to your blog, as well.

Less is more when it comes to content marketing. While it may be alluring to keep up with all those trends and occasions that fly around on the internet, it pays to focus on your own ideas. Because there may be a lot of content out there, yet, the sheer mass of it can overwhelm the readers. They neither have the time nor desire to swim through a sea of different blog posts.

That’s why it’s so important to create less content of higher value. When you polish your existent content and produce fewer but valuable posts, you can look forward to many accomplishments:

  • Distinction from competitors
  • Remain in the memory of users
  • Emotional connection of users to your brand
  • Time spent voluntarily with your brand and content
  • Generate leads (i.e. newsletter registration)
  • Better ranking in search engines

What does that have to do with SEO?

The ranking of your website can suffer from those posts that are rarely – or not at all – visited. The algorithm of many search engines classifies your website as irrelevant because of the lack of interest and displays your page less prominently. The use of many keywords and a certain word count may not change that. Nowadays, it is just as important to have a trustworthy website that offers the reader added value (i.e. by offering downloads) and great readability.

Content is king – and so is quality

Do you know where your strength lies when it comes to content? Awesome! Work with those subjects with the highest potential and make it fun to deal with them. Because nothing kills your performance faster than boring texts.
Take our tips to heart to improve the performance and perception of your website and focus on truly valuable content:

1) Sweet and Simple

People who are on the internet a lot are able to filter the information they need particularly quickly and accurately. Display all relevant information as clearly as possible and avoid text walls to make it even easier to access relevant information. Bullet points, infographics and highlighted sentences can lead your readers to the right direction. A short conclusion can also be useful for them.

2) Keep them excited!

Readers turn away from boring content very quickly. To really captivate them with your message, you have to tell a good story. Intrigue your readers; what makes your service/your product so special? Create a storyline which people want to tell others. Not only do people have fun to talk about your content in this case, but they also are able to memorize your messages better.

3) The evergreen effect

Analyze the performance of your corporate blog. Which posts are being read the most? Repost them on your social channels with a new, relevant teaser text. It can also be clever to refer to the evergreen content in new posts and to create texts with similar subjects.

4) Tidy up the blog

Look at your numbers again. Which posts get very few or no clicks at all? Try to find out why that is. Is your text outdated, are your pictures of low quality or do your links lead to dead pages? Then you might want to revise your posts if you think that your content is good per se. You can invest some time in a new keyword-research to really hit the spot with your revised post. If however the content is not relevant in the current situation, it is better to archive the post.

5) Last but not least…

…you should pay attention to good grammar and spelling. Mistakes can happen when you produce too much content in too little time. Take a moment for an editing process before your post goes online. That’s how your content radiates readability and competence. A comprehensive structure, subheadings and paragraphs add to an unimpeded flow of reading.


Content is good, but it must be banging! Placing too much content on your own site that does not fit your brand can drag down the performance of your site and weaken the impression of your brand. So choose less content with more value, content that is coherent and tells a story that inspires your visitors. This way you stay in the minds of your readers!

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