Has a picture spoken to you today?

Mareike Juds
Head of Marketing & Communication

Yes, you’ve read correctly: Pictures "talk" to us.

Because visual elements always catch our eye first and appeal to us faster than the written word. Why is that so? Images are taken by our brain in a completely different way than words. They attract our attention in a fraction of a second and arouse emotions such as curiosity, yearnings, joy, needs, astonishment, tension and much more.

The power lies in the right image selection.

Use the power of images for your newsletter. Pictures are very often the door openers to topics and support your recipients in their purchase decision. Of course, texts also have an important function in your corporate communications. A picture without text would only be half the message.

Therefore, image and text should go hand in hand, complement each other perfectly, and in the end tell a round story that arrives successfully. Sounds almost like a picture-book marriage. Which brings us back to our picture language.

So how do you find the optimal picture language for your newsletter?

To help you make the right choice of images, we have put together some helpful questions for you.

  • How do I want to be perceived externally as a company?
  • Which target group or target person would I like to address with the picture?
  • Does the image match the topic and the message I want to communicate?
  • Do my text and picture complement each other perfectly?
  • Was the image produced professionally and of high quality?
  • Do I attract the right attention or emotion with the image?
  • Does the image interest my customers or subscribers?


A good picture is already half the message.

In some cases, it may even be worthwhile hiring a professional photographer or sending a talented employee with a good camera to get the right subject. Because: “The main thing is to buy colorful and cheap”, is no longer enough in today’s flood of pictures. After all, your images should convey your company values and your message in the best possible way and get things moving for you.


So enough of the words. Let your pictures successfully speak for themselves!

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