Get to Know Your Recipients’ Interests With Our Preference Center

Joana Rüdebusch
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BETA Preference Center

New Beta Feature: The Preference Center for your recipients. Give it a try!

The Preference Centre as a new BETA feature in our newsletter tool makes recipient management even easier for you: Your recipients can edit their personal data and interests on their own. This could be a new name after getting married, interest in special topics, or mailing frequency.

This reduces manual effort on your end and helps you get to know your customers even better – ideal for personalized newsletters.

How Does the Preference Center Work?

The Preference Center is a form page which your recipients can access via a personalized link included in your emails. Each recipient can enter their own preferences for newsletter topics or personal data such as their date of birth. The information they enter is automatically synchronized with your recipient list.

BETA Preference Center

You can easily drag and drop to customize the Preference Center form according to your needs – just like with our newsletter editor. You can use text boxes, checkboxes, or drop-down lists to ask your recipients about their interests or other information. For each field, specify whether to save the entered data as tags or separate fields. This will allow you to organize and use the information in your CleverReach account in exactly the way that you want it.

Various elements such as images, text or columns are available for designing the Preference Center form according to your requirements.

Good to know: For detailed instructions on how to create and use the Preference Center, please visit our Help Center.

What Can You Use the Preference Center for?

The Preference Center allows you to collect valuable data about your newsletter recipients. Here are some examples:

  • Personal Data: e. g. name, date of birth, residence, industry
  • Topic Choice: what are the topics and content your contacts want to know more about?
  • Sending Frequency: How often do your recipients want to receive your emails?

With the newly acquired customer knowledge, you can segment your recipients and cluster them into smaller groups with similar interests.If you send newsletters that are really of interest to them, you will achieve better results and higher customer satisfaction.

This feature is currently a beta version. This means that it is still being tested to find bugs and areas for improvement. The feature will be rolled out gradually to our entire customer base.

Enjoy giving our BETA Preference Center a go!

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