Email Marketing Integration for metasfresh

Connect metasfresh ERP with the CleverReach Newsletter Software

Spotify, Levi's and DHL create and send their newsletters with CleverReach. Why? It's as simple as ever. Get started with metasfresh! Easily and quickly design professional newsletters for your customers with the CleverReach email marketing software – you don’t need any programming skills. Discover the extensive benefits of our integration solution for your metasfresh ERP software.

You can either download metasfresh ERP as a free 1-user-instance online ( or download it as an open source product and install it on your server (

Developed by: metas GmbH

Learn more: Right this way to the metasfresh-CleverReach integration solution (!

metasfresh Integration Features

Dive into the world of email marketing with the metasfresh - CleverReach integration, by simply synchronizing all your email addresses and campaigns between metasfresh and CleverReach! With the CleverReach integration, existing contact data can be extensively filtered and assigned to marketing campaigns.

Synchronized metasfresh data:

  • bidirectional synchronization of contact data and marketing campaigns 
  • Use contact data in metasfresh for other marketing campaigns, e.g. print bulk letters 
  • Automatic updating of newsletter subscribers
  • Flexibly filter and select contacts
  • Multi-Campaign support
  • Display of Synchronization Status

No more editing your email lists manually!

Use this valuable integration to automatically and regularly keep your recipients updated about what's going on in your business. Benefit from more opens and clicks at reduced effort. This is your key to more success: Turn your customers into fans and boost your sales.

metasfresh ERP and CleverReach: Download and Activation

The CleverReach newsletter integration is pre-installed in metasfresh by default and does not need to be downloaded.

You can either purchase metasfresh online as a free 1-user instance or download it as an open source product and install it on your server.

To connect CleverReach and metasfresh and use our email marketing software with your meatsfresh ERP data, you need

  • a metasfresh account and
  • a CleverReach account

to connect the APIs of both systems.

  1. Log into metasfresh. Go to the menu item “Marketing“ and proceed with CleverReach.
  2. Enter your CleverReach account details (i.e. your Client ID and password) to set up our newsletter tool as a marketing platform.
  3. Additionally, please activate the API access in your CleverReach account. If the error message "The user has no API access" appears, please read the corresponding Help Center post.
  4. CleverReach as a new marketing platform is automatically saved in metasfresh. This activates the connection, no further API activation is required.
  5. In the next step you can create a marketing campaign in metasfresh, in which you can include all contacts. The synchronization of the data takes place in both directions and can be started via the processes in the pull-down menu.
  6. If you have any questions on metasfreh ERP, please contact the metasfresh support team.

You can find detailed instructions on the metasfresh Documentation page:

• Creating a Marketing Platform (DE | EN)
• Creating a Marketing Campaign (DE | EN)
• Adding Contacts (DE | EN)

Tip for testing the connection:
To check if the connection has been established successfully, go back to your CleverReach account after setting up CleverReach in metasfresh as a marketing platform. Create a test campaign and then switch back to metasfresh and start the process "Synchronize all campaigns from the platform. Now you can see whether the synchronization has been executed.

About metasfresh

metasfresh is a cloud-based open source CRM/ERP solution.

The metasfresh ERP system provides a simple, very flexible, mobile and customizable web interface based on ReactJS. Via REST API metasfresh is connected to a scalable back end and enables multithreaded processing of mass data with high performance.

In addition to the modern technical framework and weekly releases, metasfresh is a suitable ERP system for companies in sectors such as retail, food, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, engineering, e-commerce, associations, publishing, and many more that want to grow and scale their business.

Regardless of the number of users, metasfresh covers the most important areas of a company from one to hundreds of users: CRM, sales, purchasing, production, materials management, accounting and logistics.

With the metasfresh Cloud ERP solution the vision becomes reality: "ERP software should not only be powerful, but also pleasant and easy to use."