Facebook Lead Ads

Advantages & Functions

Automatically transfer your Facebook leads to CleverReach

Combine the reach of Facebook with the effectiveness of CleverReach's newsletter tool! Turn your followers into newsletter recipients! Facebook's enormous reach makes it an ideal channel for showing relevant content to specific target groups. However, targeted email marketing is much more effective, as your content lands directly in your recipients' inboxes. Combine the power of both channels now with CleverReach's Facebook Lead Ads integration! By linking the two channels, you benefit in a number of ways:

  • Through the simple and quick registration with the help of Facebook Lead Ads, you gain even more address and contact data from prospects than through the company homepage alone.
  • The contact data is automatically transferred to CleverReach with the help of the Facebook Lead Ads integration and verified via double opt-in. After that, you can further use them in the CleverReach newsletter tool for effective email marketing.
  • The data can either be automatically assigned to a new group or to an existing group.

Please note: The Facebook Lead Ads integration is currently still in beta. If you have any feedback on the integration, please feel free to contact our customer service.

CleverReach und Facebook Lead Ads verbinden

  • In your CleverReach account, go to [My Account] - [Tools] - [Integrations] in the menu bar on the left.
  • Now scroll down a bit to "Facebook Lead Ads". Click on the arrow to open the integration interface. Click there on [New Connection].
  • Now log in to your Facebook account and confirm all subsequent pop-ups.
  • CleverReach requires the right to manage pages; you grant this right under "manage_pages". As soon as someone subscribes to a newsletter on the selected Facebook pages, CleverReach will be informed automatically. CleverReach then registers on this page and retrieves the new subscriber's data.
  • A Facebook page can have multiple Lead Ads and therefore multiple forms. Each of these forms can be assigned to different lists in CleverReach. The leads are imported into the list selected in each case.
  • The form determines the layout of the double opt-in email sent to potential leads. For a new list, a default form is automatically created here. This can be modified in the form editor.

Please note: A form must be selected. Also, please do not manually delete your linked groups and forms, otherwise leads will be lost! If the connection is successful, you will see the newly connected page and settings in your CleverReach account.

About Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads is an ad format on Facebook that connects Facebook users with businesses. It is specially designed for advertisers who want to generate leads, i.e. contacts, via their Facebook ad. Suitable as a Facebook Lead Ad are all offers in which a click on a call-to-action button is desired, such as

  • Registration of new newsletter subscribers
  • Registrations for events
  • Requesting product information, product demos, test drives, etc.
  • Applications to job postings.

In order to send interested parties the desired information, their user data must be requested with the help of a form. If the leads lead to landing pages outside of Facebook, there is a risk that the processes will be too long for the user and they will cancel the process. With Facebook Lead Ads, prospects are instead directed to a simplified and mobile-optimized form within Facebook that loads significantly faster. Companies get in touch with prospects directly without any detours via their company homepage. The registration process is additionally simplified even further, as the forms are pre-filled with the data stored on Facebook. With just one click, the data is transmitted - directly and quickly. In no time at all, companies and advertisers have gained address and contact data through the simplified, mobile-optimized forms of Facebook Lead Ads.