Create your WooCommerce Newsletter Subscription with CleverReach

Your customers are waiting for the next sale, the latest products, the most exclusive events of your WooCommerce store. Use this chance for yourself and your simply awesome newsletter marketing! The first step to it: a signup form that attracts new recipients for your mails.

Use the CleverReach signup form in your WooCommerce store

WooCommerce is a plugin that was explicitly set up for the WordPress CMS. For your WooCommerce store, in turn, you can install additional plugins, such as our CleverReach extension: This automatically transfers newsletter recipient data and product information from your store to CleverReach. But to use this data for simply awesome newsletter marketing, you first need one thing: a form that lets you quickly collect new subscriptions for your mails!

1. share subscription form on product pages

In the area for the detailed description of your products you have the possibility to embed your subscription form via HTML. To do this, log into your CleverReach account in a separate browser window and create a subscription form here. To use this form in your WooCommerce store, go to the "Source Code / Distribution" tab in the form menu and copy the entire source code that is displayed under "Registration".

Now paste this code in the desired location on the product page in your store. After you save the changes, the form will be displayed on the corresponding page.

2. Integrate the registration form in the footer

Log in to your WooCommerce store and go to the widgets in the backend menu. Here, select the "Custom HTML" widget ("text" or "HTML" are alternative names for the same widget). Drag this to the desired area in your footer.
As in 1. Now go to forms in your CleverReach account and copy the HTML code of your registration form. Enter the code in the field of your HTML widget and save it. The signup form will now appear in the footer area of your WooCommerce store.

You've already included your CleverReach sign-up form in your WooCommerce store! All newsletter sign-ups generated through this will be automatically transferred to the WooCommerce email list in CleverReach.

By the way, it may be advisable to create a separate page for your sign-up form. Here you have the advantage that you can not only take the design of the page into your own hands, but also link to it from all sorts of places, for example:

  • From the signature of your emails
  • From a Facebook post
  • From your Instagram profile or from a story
  • From a post on your store blog.

Collect newsletter signups at checkout

With the WooCommerce Newsletter Plugin from CleverReach you have yet another way to get signups for your newsletter: With a checkbox at checkout!

This way, the WooCommerce customer can incidentally order the newsletter during checkout to always be provided with the latest store offers. The effort for him in this way is extremely low, because in the context of the ordering process he does not get around the specification of his e-mail address. This is needed to receive system e-mails about the purchase, for example, the order confirmation and later the shipping notification.

When using the WooCommerce plugin from CleverReach, a checkbox is automatically implemented in the checkout area of your WooCommerce store, through which the buyer can sign up for the newsletter. All you need to do is check the box for it in the settings. If it is not set, the newsletter checkbox in the checkout is disabled.

In addition, the text for the checkbox itself can be defined via the "Settings" tab in the plugin.

What makes a newsletter subscription particularly attractive?

Special discounts or individual newsletter coupon codes are always good arguments to subscribe to a newsletter. Product information about new products is also interesting for customers: The email grants the recipients a knowledge advantage over all other customers.

You too can score with your WooCommerce store advantages with the newsletter signup! A simple signup form can be sufficient for this purpose, which you can integrate in the footer or on a page of your homepage. Here you can list all the added values that your emails offer your store customers.

Generate addresses in compliance with data protection

But what information is actually allowed to be requested in a sign-up form? In the sample sign-up pages from Obi and Depot, you can see that apart from the e-mail address, no other information about the recipient is requested. This is because, apart from the e-mail address, no other personal information may be mandatory for a newsletter registration. However, this does not mean that you are not allowed to ask for name, birthday, etc.; these details are simply voluntary. It is usually the case that subscribers unconsciously fill in every field they see in a registration form - regardless of whether this is optional or not. So it may be worth your while to simply ask a few questions when registering.

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018, senders of newsletters are also required to be able to prove that recipients have unambiguously consented to receiving the newsletter. The double opt-in has now become established as a common method for this.

The double opt-in, or DOI for short, ensures this consent; here, users go through a two-stage process. First, consent for e-mailing is given in the registration form itself. Detailed instructions on how to create a privacy policy checkbox can be found in our Support Center. After that, the user receives an email with a confirmation link. The final newsletter subscription will only take place after clicking on the link in this mail. The double confirmation ensures that no one is unintentionally subscribed to a newsletter by third parties.

With the CleverReach plugin for WooCommerce newsletter subscriptions are collected quickly

A newsletter sign-up that communicates benefits to potential new customers is the first step to building your email list. This is essential to spread your news to the largest possible audience and to really boost sales! Connect your WooCommerce store to CleverReach now to get started with your newsletter marketing:

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