Use the CleverReach Newsletter Software with the WISO MyOffice Interface

Connect the WISO MyOffice all-in-one office software with the professional email marketing tool from CleverReach and send fully automated offers and newsletters to your contacts.

App Features

What functions are enabled with the integration between your system and CleverReach? WISO MeinBüro has developed an interface to CleverReach so that you can quickly and easily transfer your private and corporate customers to CleverReach and contact them via newsletter. The functions of the WISO MyOffice extension:

  • Transfer of your contacts and contact persons from WISO MeinBüro to CleverReach.
  • Data fields from WISO MeinBüro are automatically created as list fields in CleverReach.
  • With just a few clicks, a connection between WISO MeinBüro and CleverReach is established and your contacts are transferred immediately.

All contacts from WISO MyOffice become newsletter recipients in CleverReach. All relevant data fields are transferred from WISO MeinBüro; this means that the WISO MeinBüro data fields are created as segments in CleverReach with the division contact persons, private customers and corporate customers. This allows you to segment your desired target group and write to them even faster and more specifically.


How to connect WISO MyOffice with CleverReach:

  • Switch to the WISO MyOffice Marketplace. To get there, simply click on the link below "Connect WISO MyOffice and CleverReach now", log in or create an account if you don't have one yet.
  • Go to "Extensions". There you will find the interface that allows you to establish a direct connection between our CleverReach email marketing tool and WISO MyOffice.
  • To do this, click on "Open extension".
  • Once you have successfully connected WISO MeinBüro and CleverReach, the extension in WISO MeinBüro will show you how many private and corporate customers have been successfully transferred.

About WISO MeinBüro

WISO MeinBüro is a comprehensive all-in-one office software and ideal for freelancers, self-employed, start-ups and SMEs to plan, control and manage their office.

With WISO MeinBüro, offers, invoices and reminders can be easily created and sent to customers. With the cloud-based software, contact and item data can be managed, online stores can be connected and receipts can be digitized. Integrated online banking makes it easier to keep track of finances. Incoming and outgoing payments can be posted and accounting can be done as a result. The transfer of accounting data to the tax advisor is simple and digital via the DATEV export.