Simply send emails from WordPress with CleverReach

Sending emails from WordPress and it's easy too? You can, provided you use the CleverReach plugin. Sending emails directly from WordPress, on the other hand, can be a little tricky. This is because WordPress uses the PHP function mail() to send emails - and this is often not activated or not configured correctly by many hosting providers. Depending on where your WordPress site is hosted, there may therefore be problems when sending emails.

With the CleverReach newsletter plugin, you don't have this problem. This is because you use the CleverReach newsletter tool and send your emails via the secure CleverReach servers. This not only guarantees that your emails are sent, but also that they are accepted by the most important mail clients.

Why you should send emails as a WordPress user

Sending newsletters benefits you and your WordPress site in many ways:

  • More views of your page:

No matter how loyal your readers are, very few of them will visit your site every day to check for new posts and content. With a newsletter at the right time, you can make yourself and your WordPress site memorable:

  • Better customer loyalty:

As an email is sent directly to your newsletter subscriber's inbox, the contact is very personal. Electronic mail therefore strengthens the bond with your readership.

  • More traffic

But that's not all: by teasing posts, you arouse the interest of your readers and this leads to more visits to your site. This increase in page views even pays off in the truest sense of the word if you have integrated advertising on your site.

How do I send WordPress newsletters with CleverReach?

Strictly speaking, you don't send newsletters with WordPress. With the CleverReach newsletter plugin, you send your newsletters with CleverReach. With the help of the CleverReach interface for WordPress, both programmes are connected. This automatically transfers all important data between WordPress and CleverReach. We have summarised what this is in the plugin description on the page for WordPress newsletter marketing integration.

After connecting CleverReach to WordPress, you have all the data you need for your WordPress newsletter dispatch in CleverReach and can get started. For more information, read our articles on how to create WordPress email lists and WordPress newsletters.

Once your newsletter is ready, it's time to send it out. CleverReach has a few important functions to ensure that your recipients receive your newsletter and that it looks the way you want it to.

Checklist before sending the newsletter

Use the CleverReach checklist to check whether all the important points for your email campaign are in order: Are the sender details correct, does the subject line fit, which recipient group has been selected, which unsubscribe form is being used and so on. All these points can now be edited and changed before sending.

Test dispatch

Before your newsletter is sent to your entire mailing list, a free test mailing is carried out. Your newsletter will be sent to your own e-mail address. This allows you to check for yourself how the newsletter looks in your mail client. You can still make changes at this stage.

Design- and Anti-Spam-Test

Would you like to know in detail how your newsletter is displayed by the various mail clients? Is it possibly even regarded as spam? CleverReach offers a design and spam test as an additional (chargeable) service.

Be secure: Sending newsletters with CleverReach

Mass mailings look very suspicious to many mail clients. CleverReach takes various important measures to ensure that your WordPress newsletters do not end up in the spam folder:

  • Membership of the industry association CSA: As a member of the CSA (Certified Senders Alliance), an association of the DDV (German Dialogue Marketing Association) and ECO (Association of the Internet Industry), worldwide whitelisting is guaranteed. This means that your newsletters are not categorised as spam and are delivered securely to your recipients.
  • Use of spam protection procedures and digital signatures: The spam protection procedure SPF and the DKIM procedure, which adds a digital signature to emails, are both also used for security. They certify the seriousness of the sender - and your newsletter
  • Secure data and server locations: CleverReach uses data centres and server locations in the EU that are secured according to the latest standards for the greatest possible data security: email marketing made in Germany! CleverReach therefore fulfils the high requirements for data protection and GDPR.

With CleverReach, you are on the safe side in every respect when sending WordPress newsletters!

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