More Sales! E-Mail Automation for E-Commerce

Sabine Kowalski
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E-Mail Automation for E-Commerce

Are you ready for the next customer rush?

The field of e-commerce is booming. More and more customers decide to shop online and during sale season, they are especially eager to spend money. Want to be part of the race for sales? Then remain on the radar of prospective buyers by using automated newsletters.

Parcel tracking, special sales, information about new products – customers expect a lot from shop-newsletters they subscribe to. Information should always enter the mailbox on time so that customers don’t miss any sales. That’s why it’s key to not only lead customers through your online store but also accompany them after their purchase. E-Mail Automation does the job for you! Even as a beginner you can quickly set up your own email workflow with THEA by CleverReach.

E-mail automation after purchase

Order confirmations

Customers expect an order confirmation after their online purchase. With automation, you can easily tick this off your to-do list. Simply define the purchase as the starting point of your automated workflow so that the confirming email quickly finds its way to the recipient. The customer can now be sure that his order and his data have been successfully processed.

The more expensive the purchased product, the more advisable it is to incorporate a tracking link of the shipment in your confirmation mail.

Individual cross selling

Did everything go well with the purchase? Then it’s a smart move to show your customer other interesting products after they received their order, to keep them curious about your product range and to increase customer retention. With THEA, the email automation by CleverReach, you can even react to the individual behavior of the recipients of your newsletters. Segmentation does the trick. For example, you can separate your recipients by their gender or their place of residence. If you want to target your readers even better, you might even want to use tagging. Tags can be used to attach certain traits and interests to your contacts, making it more easy for you to understand the real person behind each email address. Try out tag-based automation for individual offers and sales – this way, you only send your customers information they are really interested in.

Special occasions

In e-commerce, it is easy to utilize special occasions to advertize sales. How convenient that it is possible to define certain dates as starting points for your automation, too! For example, you can advertize your own Black Friday sale with an easy automated workflow. Send your first newsletter a few days ahead of the sale. This gives your customers the chance to browse your products and maybe even put some on their wishlist.
On Black Friday you then send another email, and this time it’s getting real; only for this one day you offer your customers many attractive deals that will lure shoppers into your online-store.


There are many use cases for email automation in e-commerce. Be clever and try out different methods to segment your recipient list, so that you always hit the mark with your newsletters. Also, take advantage of the purchases of your customers and special occasions for your e-mail marketing. That way, you can increase customer retention and conversions.

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