Boost Your Email Marketing: These Features Will Help You!

Sabine Kowalski
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These Features Will Help You!

“We only need it two or three times a year” or “We don’t have time for this in our daily business routine“, are excuses that come especially from small and medium enterprises when talking about email marketing. And yet, newsletters offer a high potential to boost your sales and strengthen customer retention.

Get In Touch With Your Customers Directly and Repeatedly

Companies that don’t prioritize email marketing underestimate the potential of this channel. First and foremost, it’s not even all about sales (which can be significantly increased with email marketing). A newsletter offers a great way of contacting recipients directly. Instead of offering just one touchpoint, an email marketing campaign allows you to get in touch with your customers repeatedly over a long period of time. This strengthens customer retention and helps building up a relationship and trust. In fact, 80 % of all small and medium sized businesses consider an email newsletter as the most important channel for retaining customers. And most customers prefer to stay in touch with a brand or business via email anyway.

Sell More With Targeted Email Marketing

In addition to improved customer loyalty, an increase in sales is also a nice side effect that comes with email marketing! Statistics show that websites with a particularly high revenue also have an exceptionally high number of visits per user. This means, that the more you can get users to return to your site, the more revenue you are likely to generate. Plus, when using email marketing, you regularly remind your customers to stop by your website now and again.

For every Euro invested in email marketing, an average of 38 Euros in revenue can be generated. Plus: Customers, who receive the newsletter of a company spend 138 % more money on your page than the ones who don’t get your emails. This makes email marketing especially attractive for small businesses, as even a small budget allows you to increase your sales with this channel.

However, your sending frequency must hit the spot. The fewer mails you send to your recipients, the more likely they will forget about your business. Customers actually enjoy receiving your weekly newsletters as long as the content is relevant to them. Helpful features like segmentation and tagging make it easier to create targeted email communication!

Increase Success With The Right Email Marketing Strategy

Send personalized content

Personalized content for your target groups can generate a transaction rate that is 6 times higher than that of normal marketing newsletters. No wonder, when your content is tailored exactly to the needs and interests of your recipients!

Personalization starts with a name: Directly addressing your customers with their name in the subject line and opening lines of your newsletter has a flattering effect on them. This is also the reason why personalized newsletter have an open rate that is 22 % higher than of emails that are not personalized.

But also, other types of individualization help you to get in touch with your recipients more frequently in a targeted way. Take a look at the content you spread in your newsletters: Do you present different products or share blog posts with various topics? And which of these topics do your recipients actually click on in your newsletter?

Take a closer look at the performance of your emails and interaction of your recipients with your newsletter content in your reportings. This allows you to draw conclusions on how to provide your recipients with further, similar content. The CleverReach tagging feature will help you – it gives you the possibility to tag recipients who have clicked on a certain link in your newsletter. Some of your recipients share the same tags? Create segments based on these tags and send them targeted content via newsletter.

Click here for further ideas on how to segment your recipient list.

Evaluate KPIs – Improve Your Email Marketing

The content of your promotional emails is one of the most significant factors that leads to customers clicking on links in your newsletter. Other indicators such as the open rate, click-through-rate (CTR) and bounce rate are important figures that help you evaluate your email marketing. CleverReach offers customers a detailed reporting to track their success and evaluate if they have achieved their email marketing goals.

Learn how to improve the performance of your emails based on your reporting.

More Emails, More Effort? Here Comes Email Automation!

You think you do not have enough to tell to do more email marketing? Surely there are still occasions that you have not yet thought about. Recurring dates and events like newsletter subscriptions, inactivity of customers or birthdays are stages in the customer journey that you can lead through with automated email newsletters. You don’t have to send each email individually – simply use automated email marketing to send simple autoresponders or complex email series. Once created and activated, reactivation mails or welcome campaigns run independently and without your intervention. You can find lots of pre-designed Autoresponder Templates for common events in your CleverReach account under „Automation“ (THEA).

Email Automation holds lots of advantages for your email marketing: You don’t only save time, but also achieve more success with less effort. Automated welcome emails after a subscription generate a 320 % higher revenue than regular promotional emails! Automated emails also have the highest click rates.

Conclusion: More Email Marketing, More Success!

The low costs and the high potential to boost your sales make email marketing one of the most successful digital marketing channels for small businesses with a limited budget. With personalized content, you can additionally increase your sales opportunities and at the same time achieve higher customer loyalty through customized newsletters. The list of benefits for expanding your email marketing strategy is long!

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