Abandoned Cart Email Automation

Remind shopping cart abandoners of their desired products and increase your conversions
Abandoned Cart Email Automation CleverReach

Email automation for shopping cart abandoners

Prebuilt Automation Template
Get started even faster with the free shopping cart abandoner template.

Easy to use
Create fully automated mailings in no time with CleverReach email automation THEA.

Increased conversions
Remind your clientele about items in your cart and increase sales.

More conversions with email marketing automation for shopping cart abandoners

With abandoned cart email automation, lost shopping carts can be reactivated and customers can still be convinced to buy. Every online store operator is familiar with abandoned carts: only around 30 percent of all shopping carts ever make it to the checkout. The remaining 70 percent of all shopping carts get stuck somewhere between the wish and the conclusion of the purchase.

Reduce your abandonment rate by reminding your customers of all the nice things they forgot in their shopping cart - conveniently via email automation. After all, all products that lie dormant in shopping carts are customer wishes. Sometimes they have simply been forgotten and customers are grateful to be reminded. For this reason, shopping cart reminder emails are particularly successful: the average open rate of abandoned cart emails is 45% and the click rate is 21%; just under 11% of all those contacted complete the purchase after all because of the reminder. However, shopping cart abandonment automation is not only worthwhile because of the high conversion rate: the personalized emails also strengthen customer loyalty.

Attention: In order to benefit from abandoned cart email automation, the link between your online store and our email marketing tool is a prerequisite. This link can be done either through an existing integration solution, or through a custom solution using REST API.

The following e-commerce integration solutions currently support the feature of transferring abandoned carts to CleverReach and automatically sending customers a reminder that their cart is full:

  • Shopify
  • Shopware 5
  • Shopware 6
  • Magento 2

Users of another store system, for which there is no ready-made Abandoned Cart plugin yet, can use the "Shopping Cart Abandoner" email automation via our REST API. If you need help programming your own interface, please feel free to contact our customer service or contact one of our agency partners.

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With shopping cart abandonment email automation to happy ending with checkout

How to set up abandoned cart automation - for more sales in your online store

1. Set up automated shopping cart abandonment emails (using Shopify as an example).

Abandoned Cart Email Automation Set up CleverReach

Shopping cart abandonment retargeting is very effective with our store plugins. By integrating our email marketing tool into your store system, the information about an abandoned shopping cart is automatically transferred to CleverReach. This data transfer triggers the automation - and thus the email route for reactivation. The shopping cart abandonment email automation is very easy to set up, even without programming knowledge:

Establish a connection between your store system and CleverReach with one of our plugins. We'll explain how to accomplish that using our Shopify plugin as an example:

  1. Install the Shopify plugin. You can find the instructions on the Email Marketing App for Shopify page.
  2. Then, in your store system, on the CleverReach plugin page, you will have access to a dashboard with all the information you need to set up cart abandonment email automation.
  3. To set up abandoned cart emails, click on the "Cart abandonment" tab.
  4. Here, you first enable the CleverReach cart abandonment feature.
    By activating it, the cart abandonment mails from the store system will be disabled. In this way, it is excluded that the customer receives two different reminder emails. At the same time, an email route will be created for you in your CleverReach account. If any other "Abandoned Cart Functions", for example from third-party providers, are enabled, you will receive a warning message in the dashboard.
  5. In addition, you can see whether THEA Automation is active or inactive in CleverReach. If it is still inactive, activate it and edit the automation email. More about this under point 3.

Now set when the reminder email should be sent. There are several options available for this: Shopify usually recommends sending it after about 10 hours, but this varies depending on the product.

2. Create THEA Automation

Abandoned Cart Email Automation Create THEA Automation CleverReach

As described above, by activating the cart abandonment feature, a cart abandonment email automation route is automatically created in CleverReach. We have also already prepared an email template for you. We have set up both so that you can customize and send both the automation route and the email template with just a few clicks.

By activating THEA automation, you were automatically redirected to the shopping cart abandonment automation chain in CleverReach. Now you can customize the email route. In our example, we'll leave it at a single-step route with one trigger and one email. The automation is triggered by an abandoned cart and consequently the start icon of the email route is a cart.

You have already set the waiting time until the abandoned cart e-mail is sent.

3. Editing the Abandoned Cart Email Template


Now we continue with customizing the prepared cart abandonment template. Again, we have already taken all the essential steps from you and specially developed an abandoned cart email template. Even though the small abandoned cart looks very unfortunate, you have every reason to be happy because with this email template it is really easy to create Abandoned Cart Notifications.

  • Customize the email to your design and for your recipient in just a few clicks, and quickly and easily remind your customers that their cart is still full. To edit the email, click the pencil icon above the letterhead icon. This will open a window where you can select the mailing you want to send.
  • The shopping cart abandonment template already contains the most important store and item variables, which are automatically filled with the appropriate data (e.g. item name, item ID, description, total amount from the shopping cart, etc.) when the abandoned cart email is sent. ) are filled.
  • Once you have edited the template to your liking, save your newsletter finally. The window will then close.
  • You can then preview the newsletter.

Attention: In the preview, the articles from the shopping cart are not yet displayed! Here you can still see the respective variables.

The trigger for filling the newsletter with the corresponding information from your store is the dispatch of the newsletter. By the way: You can also go directly from your store system to the Abandoned Cart email in CleverReach. To do this, click on "Edit email" on the CleverReach dashboard and you will automatically be taken to the email template to edit it.

4. Activate THEA Automation and evaluate success

Abandoned Cart Email Automation Activate Automation CleverReach

THEA automation route and abandoned cart email are now set up - now it's just a matter of activating the automation so that your e-commerce customers receive your cart abandonment emails. To activate, click the "Inactive" button in the top right corner. This will open a window for the security check. Confirm everything and then activate the automation. From now on, all cart abandoners will be automatically sent newsletters reminding them of the products waiting for them. The abandoned cart emails can also be deactivated at any time by setting the automation from "Active" to "Inactive" with a click in the upper right corner.

You can find all the data for your success statistics in the THEA report of your cart abandonment campaigns. You will get the following key figures displayed:

  • Delivered emails
  • Openings
  • Not opened
  • Clicks
  • Unsubscribes
  • Bounces.

Especially in e-commerce, you need additional data, especially on sales. To evaluate purchases via emails with CleverReach, there is the Connect link extension. With the help of this measurement tool, the following data is measured:

  • Generated orders
  • Generated turnover
  • Order rate

Alternatively, Google Analytics can be used to evaluate purchases and sales.

5. Abandoned Cart Email Automation Notes


Currently, integration with shopping cart abandonment automation is only available for some store systems. However, other systems can use the function via REST API. Contact our customer service or have a corresponding connection programmed by an email marketing agency.

Clear display of shopping cart abandoners: Users of our online store plugins get all important information about their shopping cart abandoners emails displayed on an overview page. You can find more about this in the corresponding Help Center articles, for example for the Shopware 5 plugin under "Contact shopping cart abandoners automatically via newsletter".

One chain per integration: only one abandoned cart email route can be used per integration. If you have multiple stores, you can create a separate THEA automation chain per store.

GDPR: Only active recipients from whom consent to the newsletter has been obtained in accordance with the DGSVO may be contacted, otherwise none of the cart abandonment emails may be sent. Read more about the legal issues in our article Abandoned Cart Mails: Remind shopping cart abandoners about their purchase.

TIPS: There are also reasons for abandoned carts where no reminder emails work either:

  • Inappropriate payment options
  • Missing watch list
  • Too high shipping costs
  • Technical problems.

But some of them can be counteracted. How? Find out in our article The 5 most common reasons for shopping cart abandonment - and what stores can do about it.

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