The Saldo CleverReach module is an interface between the CRM solution CAS genesisworld and the email marketing software CleverReach. This module supports the creation and evaluation of email marketing campaigns. It connects the user management from CAS genesisWorld with CleverReach. We would like to point out the intuitive and easy use of this interface.

Features of the Saldo CleverReach module:

  • Easy administration of CleverReach email addresses in CAS genesisWorld
  • Uncomplicated delivery and creation of email campaigns with CleverReach
  • Evaluation of email campaigns directly in CAS genesisWorld
  • Synchronization of subscriptions and unsubscriptions and automatic creation of notes for address handling in CAS genesisWorld

Developer: Saldo EDV Beratung

Allgemeine Informationen

  • Kategorie: CRM