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CleverReach Convenes Sebastian Strzelecki as Chief Operating Officer

On August 1st Sebastian Strzelecki took on the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and authorized signatory at email service provider CleverReach GmbH & Co KG. He will now be responsible for the entire operative business.

“We are in a dynamic market that constantly changes and where new ways of communication keep popping up. What always remains despite the change is communication itself. Email marketing is still the most successful communication channel, yet we already set the course for the future today to become the worldwide market leader in the field of direct communication. I am pleased to see this trust placed in me and that I will be able to lead the way for a great team,” Strzelecki says.

Active in the group since 2003

Sebastian Strzelecki is active in the Ashampoo corporate group for 16 years. Starting out as a designer in software development, he additionally worked at expanding the company email marketing as a sales channel. Only one year later he managed the department for graphics and design. In 2004 he actively took part in spinning off the Ashampoo Internet Services, which then became CleverReach in 2007. Since its foundation, Strzelecki has been a founding member and advisor until he ultimately switched to CleverReach in 2016. In addition to strategic consulting, he has executed the position of product and business development manager in the past three years.

“With Sebastian Strzelecki we brought an absolute industry expert into our business management. When he held his positions at Ashampoo and at CleverReach he always had our complete trust,” announces Rolf Hilchner, member of the Supervisory Board of the Ashampoo Company Group.

To further strengthen the company group on their course of expansion, Sebastian Schwarz will move up as CEO of the company group to support CFO Jens Klibingat. Sebastian Schwarz and Jens Klibingat have already been in charge of the sister company Ashampoo since 2012, Klibingat has been part of the CleverReach executive management since 2015.

Sebastian Strzelecki, COO, CleverReach

Sebastian Strzelecki, COO, CleverReach (credits: Ronny Walter,

Company portrait CleverReach

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Since 2007, CleverReach® has stood for passion in email marketing and is now one of the leading international solution providers for email

Management: Sebastian Strzelecki, Jens Klibingat & Sebastian Schwarz
Corporate form: GmbH & Co. KG
Foundation: 2007
Head office: Rastede/Oldenburg (Lower Saxony/Germany)
Services: Cloud-based technology solution for email marketing:

  • Stand-alone mailings, newsletters, dynamic RSS campaigns
  • Interfaces to relevant CMS, CRM and shop systems
  • Simple and multi-level automated email routes with THEA (Email Marketing Automation Solution)
  • Reports/realtime statistics for success control and optimisation, design and spam tests, A/B split tests, multivariate tests
  • Multilingual email and phone support
Reference industries: SME, online trade, tourism, retail/trade, fashion/textile, service industry, consumer goods industry, automotive
Countries: Campaigns and clients in over 170 countries, especially D-A-CH, Europe and USA
Contact: CleverReach GmbH & Co. KG
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