How to create a sign-up page for your Shopify Shop newsletter with CleverReach

Your store customers are waiting for the next sale, the latest products, the most exclusive events. Use this chance for yourself and your simply awesome newsletter marketing! The first step: a sign-up page to attract new recipients for your mails.

How do you integrate your CleverReach signup form with your Shopify store?

In our Helpcenter post on signup forms for Shopify users, you'll find step-by-step instructions to generate new addresses for your newsletter at different points! All recipients you acquire via the embedded CleverReach signup form are automatically transferred to the email marketing tool.

What makes your sign-up page successful?

Customers of online stores most often subscribe to newsletters in anticipation of special discounts or individual discount codes. Product launches are also interesting for customers, because via a newsletter they are the first to learn about the novelty and thus secure a head start over other buyers.
Educate potential new recipients about the benefits of your newsletter, too! A simple registration form can be sufficient, which you can integrate in the footer or in the upper area of your homepage. You have even more design freedom with a separate sign-up page, on which you communicate to your customers the added value that your Shopify newsletter offers!

Example Sign-Up Page: OBI

In the screenshot of the sign-up page of the DIY store OBI you can see:


  • How to integrate your CleverReach sign-up form in your Shopify store.
  • That the newsletter provides an edge in knowledge about offers and promotions
  • That all legal notices regarding the use of the email address are outlined.

Overall, OBI's sign-up page is very customized. With CleverReach, it is also possible to customize many elements of the sign-up form to best suit your Shopify store. Here you can decide which questions you want to ask your new customers (more on this in the next chapter), you can edit the text of your newsletter button and make your benefits palatable to prospective customers.

Example sign-up page: Depot

Also on the sign-up page of the interior design store Depot there is a good advantage communication to all prospective customers of the newsletter. In addition to the sign-up discount, the newsletters also contain personal recommendations and birthday coupons. These individual contents presuppose that your customers also voluntarily reveal to you the relevant data about their personal preferences and birthday.


Decide for yourself how you too can best address the individual needs of your recipients. For example, another interesting piece of information about your newsletter recipients would be their salutation, i.e. gender - so you can easily send a separate newsletter to men and women. This is especially beneficial in the fashion industry. Depending on what your Shopify store offers, you can define what information will help you target your customers.

Generate addresses in compliance with data protection laws with CleverReach

What information may be requested in a sign-up form? In the sample sign-up pages from Obi and Depot, no further information about the recipient is requested apart from the e-mail address. This is because, apart from the e-mail address, no other personal details may be mandatory for a newsletter registration. However, this does not mean that name, birthday, etc. may not be requested at all; these details are simply requested voluntarily. It is usually the case that subscribers unconsciously fill in every field they see in a registration form - regardless of whether this is optional or not. So it can be worthwhile to simply ask a few questions when registering.

In addition, since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018, senders of newsletters are required to be able to prove that recipients have unambiguously consented to receiving the newsletter. The double opt-in has now become established as a common method for this.

The double opt-in, or DOI for short, ensures this consent; here, users go through a two-stage process. First, consent for e-mailing is given in the registration form itself. Detailed instructions on how to create a privacy policy checkbox can be found in our Support Center. After that, the user receives an email with a confirmation link. The final newsletter subscription will only take place after clicking on the link in this mail. The double confirmation ensures that no one is unintentionally subscribed to a newsletter by third parties.

Sign-up page for more newsletter addresses - and more sales

A sign-up page that communicates the benefits of your newsletter to potential new customers is the first step in building your recipient list. This is essential to spread your news to the largest possible audience and to really boost sales! Connect your Shopify store with CleverReach to get started with your newsletter marketing.

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