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Así puede medir su éxito

  • Tasa de apertura
    Las tasas de apertura se diferencian entre “individual” y “todas las aperturas “: las “aperturas individuales” nos indican cuántos destinatarios han abierto el correo electrónico. En todas “todas las aperturas” se cuentan también las aperturas múltiples. La tasa de apertura se calcula de las aperturas individuales en relación al número total de mensajes enviados.
  • Tasa de Click
    Cada click cuenta: aquí se diferenciará entre “individual” (cuántos destinatarios individuales han hecho clic) y la diferencia de “los clics” (mostrará varios clics). Por lo tanto, no se considerarán los enlaces externos y las páginas internas del sistema (por ejemplo, vista en línea, enlace de baja y un enlace para los formularios).
  • Cancelación
    En cada Newsletter hay una función de cancelar, para que los destinatarios pueden cancelar la suscripción de manera rápida y fácilmente. Este forma aparecerá por separado en el informe.
  • Bounces
    Los Bounces son los emails que no se pueden entregar o que temporalmente no pueden ser entregados (Softbounce) o no se entregarán (Hardbounce). Hay Softbounces por ejemplo, cuando el buzón del destinatario está lleno. Cuando no existe la direccción de correo electrónico o el servidor bloquea los correos, se llama Hardbounce. Más sobre nuestro Bounce-Management de varios niveles, visite nuestras páginas de soporte.
  • Análisis de cliente geo y correo electrónico
    Detalles de los dispositivos (tales como PC, teléfonos móviles o tablets) se incorporan en esta evaluación. Nuestro Geo-Tracking visual muestra cómo las aberturas se distribuyen en todo el mundo

1. Conversion tracking

screenshot: Conversion Tracking

Clicks can be assigned precisely to a specific user by transforming every hyperlink in your mailing into a tracking link. Once a user clicks on one of your links they will be forwarded by passing the CleverReach® servers and therefore get tracked. Precise figures – for example of revenues –  show you the success of your mailings and let you create a precise analysis for your campaigns:

  • If you have one or more domains listed in your account, you can choose the one that should be used for the tracking links.
  • The measuring is carried out by a cookie that is set by the recipient when clicking on a link. Your reports show you for example when a customer places an order in your shop within 14 days.
  • Set up the tracking script in your CleverReach account: [Account]>[Extras]>[Conversion Tracking].

Tip: Don’t forget to insert http://, as otherwise, links can’t be forwarded.

2. Google Analytics Integration

screenshot: screenshot: Google Analytics Integrationscreenshot: screenshot: Google Analytics Integration

The user behavior on your website can easily be tracked with the help of the Google Analytics integration, which goes beyond the regular click tracking. By using Google Analytics, you can draw conclusions between the opening of an email and the buying behavior. For this purpose, certain parameters for Google Analytics are attached to the links in your mailings.

Get to know more about your subscribers’ behavior than just open and click rates:

  • Did my recipient buy something after opening my email – even if they didn’t click?
  • Do my contacts use my website and app – even if they don’t click?
  • Are there users who open my mailings but who don’t visit my website?

3. IntelliAd-Tracking

The IntelliAd Performance Marketing Platform is a software that helps you gather marketing activities throughout all channels. This doesn’t only include online channels such as affiliate, display-  and social media ads, but also offline touchpoints like TV and POS-campaigns. With CleverReach® you can add the important field of “newsletters” to your IntelliAd tracking.

How to create a newsletter channel on IntelliAd:

  • Click on “Add Channel or API-account” in the channels section and choose CleverReach® in the newsletter section.
  • After receiving the confirmation, copy the tracking ID string to clipboard and then to your CleverReach® account: [Account] > [Extras] > [Integration] > [IntelliAd] > [New Connection].
  • Now every click in a newsletter is recorded and collected in the IntelliAd-Tracking, along with the KPIs of other marketing channels.

4. Connect link extension

screenshot: screenshot: Connect link extension


  • Integrate ecommerce systems like Veyton, Magento, Oxid or Shopware into your conversion tracking with the help of or connect link extension. Is a purchase completed in your online shop? You’ll see that later on in your report.
  • Conversion is measured directly by the plugin with the connect link extension through parameters like mailing ID, user ID, link ID.
  • The connect link extension is activated by setting a tick in the tracking options. Please note, that Google Analytics is unavailable when activating our connect link extension.

5. Tip: measure your success with reporting and tracking options

screenshot: tips for successful reportingscreenshot: tips for successful reporting


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