CleverReach® REST API v3

The universal interface for creating your own application

screenshot: REST API v3 (Beta) made by CleverReach®
  • Connect external programs with our newsletter tool with the CleverReach® REST API. The universal interface makes it possible to integrate our email marketing software into any system.
  • Please note: You need a new access token to use the v3 interface – v2 tokens do not work in the new version.
  • You receive your token exclusively via OAUTH. For more information go to
  • Go through the documentation for detailed information on all change logs of the current version of the CleverReach® REST API v3.

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1. Use without login

screenshot: REST API v3 (Beta) von CleverReach®

The latest version of the universal interface makes creating newsletters even faster and easier: As soon as you have integrated our email marketing software into your system via REST API, you no longer need to log in. Both systems are then seamlessly connected. Use most of the CleverReach functions without logging in first.

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2. Manage accounts and rights

screenshot: REST API v3 (Beta) von CleverReach®
  • Different rights within your team: You create your newsletters as a team? Make it as easy as possible for everyone involved and assign different rights to your team members. This means that every employee only has access to the areas that are necessary for their task. Scopes were introduced to control rights for certain areas. This allows you to assign limited rights. For example, grant different authorizations for:
    • Forms, Reports
    • Email creation, Recipient lists
  • REST API v3 for agencies: Our agency customers (a special activation is necessary for this) can create subaccounts via interface. This simplifies the handling of several customers or branches. Also, customers can register directly on the respective agency site – this is particularly helpful for users of our white label solution.

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3. Manage and segment recipients

screenshot: REST API v3 (Beta) made by CleverReach®
  • Better recipient management: Your recipient data are automatically updated in both directions. You can define in advance whether the update is carried out just-in-time or by push.
  • Creating Segments: Filtering/segmenting your recipients into different recipient groups is also faster with the REST API v3: Use tags (e.g. “pants” or “shoes”, “tablet” or “PC”, “garden” or “balcony”, etc.) to send your recipients personalized content.

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4. More new features of the new version of our universal interface

screenshot: REST API v3 (Beta) von CleverReach®
  • Significantly more functions for MailingCreate and MailingUpdate
  • Assign segments to recipient lists, control tracking options or define the mailing editor.
  • No detour before dispatch: Send your mailings directly via the interface; preview mails are also possible. The step via the CleverReach backend is no longer necessary. The advantage for you as a user: You remain in your usual software application.
  • General improvement of responses, especially in case of errors

To find solutions to problems quickly and easily, you will receive informative error messages via REST in the event of a faulty request.

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5. REST API v3 now ready for you

screenshot: REST API v3 (Beta) von CleverReach®

REST API v3 is out of Beta-phase!

  • CleverReach® already uses the REST API v3 for our latest plugins, for example for Shopware and Magento.

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