The New CleverReach®Alexa Skill for Your Email Marketing

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Are smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Alexa skills only gadgets for computer nerds and something nice to have at home or do they actually offer a value for users and businesses?

One thing is clear: smart speakers are no flash in the pan. On the contrary, millions of users worldwide are already enthusiastic about the new communication channel, which leads businesses to start putting “voice first” on their agenda. We’ve also made a start on this red-hot topic.

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What Alexa Can Do for Your Email Marketing

The relationship and communication between businesses and customers is constantly changing. Lately, there has been a shift from “mobile first“ to “voice first“. We have recognized this development as an opportunity to enter into direct communication with our customers. Our in-house developer and Alexa-Junkie Jörn has developed a great Alexa skill app for CleverReach® customers that you can easily download and set up for your email marketing. Simply download the skill and connect it with your CleverReach® account – and then? Fire away! Our Alexa Skill answers all your questions on your CleverReach® account, your mailings and so much more.

Ask your Amazon Echo for the open rates of your latest mailing or when your next email is going out. Or ask for your current number of recipients and lots of other things concerning your email marketing. Alexa immediately gives you an answer and keeps you updated at any time at any place about CleverReach® and your account.

“Alexa, ask CleverReach®, how did my last mailing go?“ That’s just one of the many questions you can ask Alexa. We’re all ears for you and your email marketing.

All advantages at a glance:

  • You don’t have to start or log into your computer
  • Be informed about your email marketing at any time
  • Flexibility
  • Get responses immediately
  • More customer service

Our email marketing Alexa skill offers you a brand new information and communication channel that allows you to get in touch with CleverReach® or have access to your account from anywhere and at any time.


Curious? Have a quick look at our video:

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Alexa & Co

1. The spoken word is more emotional than the written one, it’s our natural way of communication and has no barriers.

2. Smart Assistants like the Amazon Echo are more than just a shopping assistant, search engine or personal weatherman. They are our virtual assistant for almost all questions in our everyday (working) life.

3. Thanks to numerous Alexa skills, Alexa doesn’t only answer your questions, she gets things done for you.

4. Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Alexa slowly become a part of everyday business life and connect companies with their customers.

5. Almost everyone can use digital voice assistants for their business. They offer businesses new touchpoints to their customers.

Businesses Discover Alexa & Co as a Communication Channel

Smart-Assistants or Smart-Speakers like Amazon Echo have already found more than 100 million new homes. It’s expected that these number will double by the end of 2020. The business world and the marketing industry have also discovered the benefits of digital assistants like Alexa and Co. “Voice first“ is more than just a trend and a chance for companies to get closer to their customers. Especially because Alexa skill apps can be developed specifically for certain target groups.

Alexa is one of the most promising smart assistants today, that can be enhanced with numerous helpful and clever skills. The different Alexa skills allow you to use your Amazon Echo according to your personal needs, interests and requirements. There are now more than 50,000 Alexa skills that simplify our life, make it more fun and more colorful.

Smart assistants are much more than just a gadget. They provide countless users with real added value for their daily life at home, on the road and in the business world.


To sum up

A smart assistant like Alexa and our new Alexa skill is a new, emotional and personal communication channel that offers you a clever added value. Stay tuned, there’s so much more to come!

But now – enjoy our brand new skill and bombard Alexa with all the questions on your email marketing you can think of!

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