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Our annual review with exciting highlights …

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  • 2018.01.04

    Our 1st push article in 2018 goes online with an exciting topic. “Annual budget e-mail marketing: What does the investment hold in store


  • 2018.04.16

    Soon under one roof again. CleverReach® and Ashampoo® celebrate topping-out ceremony in Rastede. We are bursting at the seams and are already looking forward to our new building!

  • 2018.05.14

    Prepared for the World Cup. Our World Cup campaign is running smoothly! Unfortunately not the game for our World Cup squad.

  • 2018.05.20

    The GDPR breaks loose a true email avalanche!

    The extent of the email avalanche exceeds all our expectations.
    Our support answers 7,237 questions about GDPR alone.

  • 2018.06.01

    We are happy about many new members, who enrich our team with a lot of competence, creativity and fresh ideas!

  • 2018.06.15

    Once again our team event was amazing! This year we went on a three day trip to the beautiful Julianadorp in the Netherlands and hopped on some Speedboats to Texel! Simply awesome!

  • 2018.06.22

    A summer with non-stop sunshine and temperatures that got us all sweating.

    • Average room temperature: felt 30 degrees Celsius.
    • Go swimming or munch some ice cream, that’s the hot question here.
    • Even the coffee is in the fridge to cool down.

  • 2018.06.25

    With the entire content team off we go on a two-day workshop to Mallorca.  A great experience and very inspiring! Back we go with lots of new ideas.

  • 2018.07.12

    Our newest addition to the THEA functions has just slipped out of the beta phase. You can now plan and send fully automated email campaigns even more easily and quickly.


  • 2018.07.20

    #einfachgeil! Our promotion video is finally finished and is well received by everyone!

  • 2018.08.01

    The new Affiliate Program goes online! As a partner or affiliate marketer, this is your opportunity to earn even more on the side and quite simply.

  • 2018.08.04

    Our dear colleague Sebi dares and marries his great love, as expected with a loooot of heart and with a lot of style!!

  • 2018.09.16

    That also works perfectly together. CleverReach® is successfully integrated with Oxid (online shop), Drupal (CMS) and  BigCommerce (online shop).

  • 2018.10.05

    We are happy about 200,000 customers!!

  • 2018.10.26

    Our Black-Friday campaign successfully launches the shopping event of the year. The Black Weekend Days are going through the ceiling!! Whoa!

  • 2018.11.20

    It’s Christmas. The inspiring Christmas campaign is off to a great start and the Advent season has started successfully!

  • 2018.12.05

    Umpteen thousand tickets have been processed so far this year by our great service team.

  • 2018.12.14

    We enjoyed at least 65 delicious cakes, 240 muffins, 110  appetizers, more than 620 grill sausages and last but not least countless Christmas cookies! Many thanks to our dear colleagues!

    Concerning the calories, who’s interested in numbers?

  • 2018.12.19

    We are already working hard on new ideas and functions so that you can implement your email campaigns even more easily and comfortably in the future.

    • New Editor
    • Messenger (Telegram makes the beginning)
    • New email creation process
    • Further integrations
      and much more!
  • We wish you all a healthy, fantastic and successful 2019!

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