ZOHO Email Marketing Integration

Connect ZOHO CRM with the CleverReach® newsletter plugin

Spotify, Levi’s, BMW and DHL create & send their newsletters with CleverReach®. Why? Because it’s simply clever. Benefit from our powerful email marketing software & flexible pricing without a contract term with your ZOHO CRM. Quickly and easily design professional newsletters for your customers with the extensive CleverReach® newsletter tool – you don’t need any programming skills. Take advantage of the numerous benefits of our integration solution for your ZOHO CRM.

Exclusively for ZOHO CRM customers: 
Become a customer and get 10% off your CleverReach® rate for 12 months! Simply awesome: is automatically activated when you create a new account.

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Advantages of the CleverReach® module for ZOHO

With the help of this newsletter plugin, the powerful CleverReach® email marketing software is integrated directly in the multichannel CRM software ZOHO. This way, you don’t have to learn how to use any new tools, because contacts and lists are maintained in one place only: in ZOHO. All your important data from “Zoho“ is instantly and continuously added and updated in the CleverReach® newsletter tool. The synchronization saves you valuable time and trouble. At the same time, you avoid errors that often occur during a manual import or export.

The following ZOHO data are synchronized:

  • Newsletter subscriptions and unsubscribes
  • First and last name, gender, age, birthday, address details …
  • All data you collect and want to use for segmentation and personalized mailings: customer inquiries, previous contact occasions, interest in services/products, hobbies …
  • Because it’s simply awesome

Use these helpful data for personalized news and offers, your customers really want. Benefit from more opens and clicks. This is your key to more success: Turn your customers into fans – and boost your sales.

The Features

Overview of the key features:

It’s your turn! Download & install the module developed for ZOHO CRM, to automatically synchronize your online shop data with the CleverReach® newsletter tool.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team who’ll always be happy to assist you.

Installation of the CleverReach® Plugin for ZOHO CRM

To install the official CleverReach® Extension für ZOHO CRM go to the ZOHO Marketplace and click on “Continue to Install”.

CleverReach® Zoho Continue to Install

Next Step: Click on “Agree and Continue”.

CleverReach® Zoho Agree and Continue

Select the profiles / users that will be allowed to use the CleverReach® extension (any option can be selected) and click on “Confirm“.

CleverReach® Zoho Select Users

After your confirmation you are redirected to your ZOHO CRM page, where you will find more details on the extension. The extension has been installed successfully. Go to the upper menu and open “CleverReach®“.

CleverReach® ZOHO upper menu

A pop up opens –> click on “Accept“, to allow CleverReach® to access your data in your Zoho account.

CleverReach® ZOHO Popup

After that you wil be redierected to the welcome page.

Connect ZOHO with CleverReach®

You now can connect with CleverReach® via your existing account or by creating a new one.

CleverReach® ZOHO Connect your account

If you want to connect an existing account, enter your CleverReach® credentials:

CleverReach® Zoho enter CR Login Data

After the successful authorization, the pop up is closed and the synchronization process starts automatically.

If you don’t have a CleverReach® account yet, a new account will be created automatically.

CleverReach® ZOHO Recipients list

All of  your Zoho-data (contacts, leads and accounts with valid email addresses) are added to your new “Zoho” list in your CleverReaqch® account. After the successful synchronization the app redirects to the dashboard page.

Mailing Campaings

Now you can start your email marketing by clicking on “Create your first newsletter“.

CleverReach® ZOHO start first Newsletter


ZOHO is a cloud-based CRM application and business suite for marketing, sales and support with over 25 applications for companies of all sizes. More than 20 million users worldwide use the program.
The large number of standard and special modules as well as add-ons allows the application to be expanded into a complete enterprise software package for handling all business activities.
The apps and modules are systematically interconnected and work seamlessly together.
There are already modules for these areas:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance
  • Email and Collaboration
  • IT / Helpdesk
  • Human Resources
  • Business processes
  • Further modules