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The official newsletter plugin for WordPress by CleverReach®

Doodle, kununu, bugatti and many more businesses use CleverReach® for their email marketing. Why? Because it’s just so easy! With a few clicks you can create your own, beautifully designed newsletter, even without any programming skills. Download the CleverReach® plugin now and add it to your WordPress backend.

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All advantages of our plugin in 7 pictures

Video: Installation of WordPress Plugin

The CleverReach® Newsletter Plugin: What Does It Do?

The CleverReach® plugin creates a direct connection to your WordPress account. All relevant data of your users will be automatically transmitted to CleverReach® and is constantly updated. In addition, you can use your CleverReach® registration forms for your WordPress page to attract even more readers to your newsletter!

This data will be synchronized:
• WordPress users will be added to your contact list. A “newsletter” checkbox will be added to the default WordPress user registration, so you can explicitly mark users as email subscribers
• Data such as: First and last name, gender, age, birthday, address, interests…
• Your web content that you can simply drag and drop into your newsletters in our user-friendly editor
• Your subscription forms will be available in your WordPress backend and can also be changed from here

Email marketing made easy: Use your WordPress data to create newsletters that your readers will love! You will profit from more opens and more clicks with less effort.

All Features of CleverReach®

Create and send newsletters with our user-friendly drag & drop editor
• Many different responsive templates for free
• Bring your own template and convert it to CleverReach®
• Analyze the success of your mailings with our reporting
• Use tags to individualize your newsletters
GDPR-compliant registration forms
• Free email support and regular posts on PUSHIII
• Improve user retention in your sleep with THEA, our email automation
• CleverReach® is available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

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If you have any questions, please contact our service team. We are happy to help!

Installation of the CleverReach® plugin

Step 1:
If you have enabled Multisite, navigate to “My Sites -> Network Admin -> Plugins”. If you have a single-site environment, navigate to “Plugins” in the sidebar menu.


Step 2:
Go to the “Add New” submenu item, and if you have a zip archive, upload it to WordPress. If you don’t have a zip archive, you can get the extension directly from WordPress using the search bar and entering “Cleverreach”.


The third option is to manually upload the plugin folder by using FTP and uploading the plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder.

Step 3:
If you have enabled Multisite, you can enable the plugin for all sites by going to “Plugins -> Installed Plugins” with “Network Admin” selected from “My Sites” and activate the plugin by selecting “Network Activate”.
Another option is to enable the plugin only for a specific site by going to “My Sites -> Specific Site” and then navigate to “Plugins” in the menu tab and activate the plugin.
If you have a single site, navigate to “Plugins -> Installed Plugins” and activate the plugin.


Step 4:
You can access your CleverReach® plugin by navigating to “WordPress > CleverReach®”


Step 5:
You can now create a new account at CleverReach or connect your existing one with WordPress. For the synchronization, you decide if

  • none of the WordPress users should be transmitted as subscribers
  • all of the WordPress users should be transmitted as subscribers
  • only users with the role “subscriber” should be transmitted as such

After your selection the plugin starts synchronizing your data with CleverReach®. Now it’s time to get started – you can create your first newsletter or integrate a CleverReach® subscription form directly from the plugin onto your site.

Use Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin and synchronize with CleverReach®

WordPress users know and love the Contact Form 7 plugin; it’s one of the most widely used WordPress plugins. With CF7, you can manage contact forms and very easily customize mailings and forms and add them to your pages or posts via short code. With the CleverReach® Contact Form 7 plugin, all forms from the linked CleverReach® account are displayed in the plugin and can also be integrated via short code. Newsletter subscriptions to your WordPress newsletter via the Contact Form 7 plugin are also synchronized via double opt-in.

Detailed instructions on how to use Contact Form 7 in WordPress with CleverReach® can be found on our support pages under “Installation Contact Form 7“.

You need to install the Contact Form 7 Plugin version 5.0.0 or a more recent version, and the CleverReach® WordPress Plugin.

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