WooCommerce Newsletter Plugin

Email Marketing for WooCommerce with CleverReach® Integration

Spotify, Levi‘s, BMW and DHL create & send their newsletters with CleverReach®. Why? Because it’s simply clever. Do the same with your WooCommerce online shop! Easily and quickly design professional newsletters for your customers with the CleverReach® email marketing software – you don’t need any programming skills. Take advantage of the extensive benefits of our integration solution for your content management system and benefit from our powerful software and flexible prices without contractual obligations.

Exclusively for WooCommerce customers: 
Become a customer and get 10% off your CleverReach® rate for 12 months! Simply awesome: is automatically activated when you create a new account.

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Benefits & Module Description

The plugin directly connects our CleverReach® Email Marketing Tool with your WooCommerce online shop. All your important „WooCommerce“ data is instantly and continuously updated and added to the CleverReach® newsletter tool. The synchronization saves you valuable time and trouble. At the same time, you avoid errors that occur during a manual import or export.

The following WooCommerce data will be transferred:

  • Newsletter subscriptions and unsubscribes
  • First and last name, interests, gender, age, date of birth, address details …
  • Purchased products, turnover, frequency of purchases, average shopping cart, order number, item number, product name, price, currency, amount …
  • Product details of your WooCommerce products such as image, text, price, size, materials …
  • “Last order date” is automatically stored in the recipient’s data record (and can be used for email marketing automation)
  • Because it’s that simple

Make use of these valuable data to create personal offers your customers really want. Benefit from more opens, more clicks and more conversions!

This is your key to more revenue: Your customers buy more stuff more frequently.

To download the module, switch to the WooCommerce Extensions Store now, click on “Add to Cart”, download the module and install it in the WooCommerce backend without much effort.

After that, you’re ready to quickly and easily connect your WooCommerce online shop with CleverReach®, synchronize your shop data and create and send your first email.

Overview of the key features

  • Simply create and send email newsletters in the Drag & Drop-Editor
  • Responsive, free Templates for every industry and occasion
  • Simply analyze your success and optimize your newsletters
  • GDPR-compliant, highest security standards, Email Marketing made in Germany
  • Free Support & Online Seminars
  • Always the right price plan: customized, changeable at any time, no contract term – Scales for small and big contact lists: prepaid for occasional senders, flat rate for regular senders or high volume for big players

Lots of additional features: Blacklist Check, create newsletters, newsletter editor, newsletter templates for every occasion, email templates, A/B split tests, spam tests, image processing, RSS feeds, dynamic content, import functions, segment lists of recipients, Double-Opt-In registration forms, automatic bounce management, automatic unsubscribe management, send newsletters, personalized newsletter delivery, Social Media Integration, Reporting & Tracking, open rates, click rates, unsubscribe rates, unsubscribes, multi-level bounce management, Google Analytics Integration, Conversion Tracking, automated mailings, Lifecycle Email Marketing, THEA – The Email Marketing Automation, Autoresponder, Follow-Ups, Whitelisting, CSA, Certified Senders Alliance, Design tests, Newsletter Client Testing SPF, Senders Policy Framework, Email Authentication, SSL encoding, WordPress Plugin, direct mailing, Import of CSV files, responsive templates, free software, Typo3 newsletters, import Excel files, forms, direct marketing and much more!

Go for it! Download & install the module especially developed for your WooCommerce online shop to automatically synchronize your shop data with the CleverReach® newsletter tool.

If you have any questions, contact our support team – they’ll be happy to assist you.

What your customer will love

Your customers

  • Want to be surprised by extraordinary snacks from all around the world
  • Are happy to be presented with the latest products for babies
  • Hope for a cheap offer to buy a new mattress
  • Are reminded on time to order their favorite tea

In a perfect world with CleverReach® and WooCommerce, your customers can’t wait to get your next newsletter because they get exactly the offers they want. When the shopping experience turns into a spending spree you know you got everything right. Your customer is happy, you are happy, and we are happy!

That’s what we call a win-win-win situation!

Download and Connect CleverReach® and WooCommerce

The CleverReach® Newsletter Plugin is available in the WooCommerce Extensions Store. Switch to the WooCommerce Extensions Store, click on “Add To Cart”, download the module and install it in the WooCommerce backend.

The CleverReach® WooCommerce newsletter plugin can be set up in just a few minutes so you can get started with your successful newsletter marketing right away.

How to install the CleverReach® Newsletter Module for WooCommerce:

Step 1:

  • If Multisite is activated: Go to “My Sites -> Network Admin -> Plugins”.


  • Single-site environment: navigate to „Plugins“ in the sidebar menu.


Step 2:

There are several ways to upload the CleverReach® plugin for WooCommerce:

Click on “Add New“ in the „Plugins“ submenu and upload a ZIP archive in WordPress, if you have one.

CleverReach®-WooCommerce-upload Plugin-in-Wordpress-

You don’t have a ZIP archive? No problem. You can get this extension directly from WordPress via the search bar.

CleverReach®-WooCommerce-upload-Plugin-without ZIP-Archive

The third option is to manually upload the plugin folder via FTP to the wp-content/plugins folder.


Step 3:

The next step depends on your WordPress setup:

If you have enabled Multisite: You can activate the CleverReach® WooCommerce integration for all pages by going to “My Sites” with “Network Admin” (see above) on “Plugins -> Installed Plugins” (in the sidebar, see arrow) and activate the plugin. To do this, select “Network Activate”.

CleverReach®-WooCommerce-Plugin-activate-with-CleverReach®-WooCommerce activate Multisite

It is also possible to activate the plugin only for a certain page. To do this, go to “My Sites” on a “Specific Site” (here: Website 1), then to “Plugins” in the menu bar. Select the CleverReach® WooCommerce Integration and activate it by selecting “activate”.

CleverReach®-WooCommerce-Plugin-activate-with-Multi-Site-for just one site

If you only have a single page, then go to “Plugins” on “Installed Plugins” and activate the CleverReach® WooCommerce Integration.

CleverReach®-WooCommerce-Plugin-activate single site

Step 4:

Now it’s time to connect CleverReach® and WooCommerce: To do this, select “WooCommerce” from the menu bar and then “CleverReach®”.

“Welcome to clever email marketing!” With one click you can link your WooCommerce data with CleverReach®. Choose the right option for you – depending on whether you already have a CleverReach® account or need to create one first.

CleverReach®-WooCommerce-welcome to clever-E-Mail-Marketing

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free online shop plugin for WordPress. With more than 50 million downloads, it is the most widely used e-commerce system worldwide; more than a third of all online shops use it.

Thanks to a large number of extensions, WooCommerce is extremely flexible and just as easy to set up as WordPress itself. This makes WooCommerce especially suitable for beginners.

In a WooCommerce shop, not only physical goods can be sold, but also digital products such as downloads; with the help of corresponding plugins, bookings, memberships and subscriptions can also be made.

The company’s own developers and the extensive community ensure that there are always new extensions and features, so that even complex and extensive shops can be set up.

In order to comply with the country-specific legal regulations, there are also special plugins with which the respective WooCommerce shop can be adapted to the applicable law.